Police “Insufficient evidence of Ki Sung-yong’s sexual assault… Suspicion suspect is also innocent”

The police concluded that there was not enough토토사이트 evidence regarding the suspicion that Ki Seong-yong (34) of FC Seoul, a professional soccer player, sexually assaulted a junior in elementary school. Those who raised suspicions and were sued for defamation were also acquitted.

According to the police on the 17th, the Seocho Police Station in Seoul made a decision not to send the case on the 10th, saying that there was “insufficient evidence” in relation to the case in which Ki Sung-yong sued two people, including Mr. did.

A police official also explained that “the relevant evidence was deemed insufficient” as to whether Ki Sung-yong had committed sexual violence.

In February 2021, Mr. A and others claimed that they were sexually assaulted by their senior player B from January to June 2000, when they were living in a soccer club at an elementary school in Jeonnam. They did not mention Ki Sung-yong’s name, but from the contents, it was possible to infer that player B was Ki Sung-yong.

Ki Sung-yong sued Mr. A and others for defamation and filed a lawsuit for damages of 500 million won.

In March of last year, the first trial for damages was held at the Seoul Central District Court, but the trial was postponed until the outcome of the criminal case in which Ki Sung-yong sued Mr. A and others came out.

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