Director Jeon Chang-jin said, “Kwak Jung-hoon saved the team.”

“Kwak Jung-hoon saved the team when he was in trouble.”

At the 2023-2024 professional basketball game held at the Busan Sajik Gymnasium on Tuesday, Busan KCC beat Anyang Chungjang 81-75, securing its 20th win (15 losses). Chung has lost 12 straight away games (13 wins and 24 losses), the most by a team.

It was an unknown outcome until early in the fourth quarter. KCC edged out 63-62. Ra Gun-ah and Kwak Jung-hoon scored eight consecutive points and brought the flow to KCC. Kwak Jung-hoon scored another three-point shot to give KCC the victory.

Director Jeon Changjin of KCC
a general review of the economy
I expected the game would not be easy. It was difficult as even Choi Jun-yong came out injured. Today (2nd), Kwak Jung-hoon saved the team when he was in trouble. Heo Woong didn’t have many chances to shoot, but he helped him a lot. Ra Gun-ah organized it well, which is the driving force behind his victory.
What makes me feel good about him is that he worked hard in the second division (D-League) and led him to victory (as a regular league player). I am thinking about giving Kwak more opportunities in the future.

Choi Sung-won lost a lot of points in the second quarter
As I always say, that’s the problem with Lee Geun-hwi. You have to feel a lot that you can’t do anything even though you can’t foul and you’re giving up consecutive runs in defense. I didn’t take it out on purpose, but I left it still. I was very disappointed because I wanted to know how to judge one player no matter what the game was. If you can’t foul yourself and can’t catch the path of the attack you’re moving, it becomes very difficult.

There seemed to be no tension in the players in the first half.
It is our team’s weakness. We did well in the last game, so we talked about that yesterday and this morning before the training and the game, but it didn’t work out as well as we expected. Maybe because we played the game after three days off (the game wasn’t good enough), we will play well the day after tomorrow.

Choi Junyong’s injury status
I have to see it. It’s not very good now. I wonder if it’s where I got hurt last time.

Song Kyo-chang’s three-point shot is sluggish (1/6)
Song Kyo-chang is in good condition that day. Song Kyo-chang has rested a lot. The three-point shot can change depending on his condition. I was a little embarrassed, too. In the absence of a guard, even Jun-yong was injured. In the past, I practiced setting up number 1 when there was a Kyo-chang. Kyo-chang finished it well. Anyway, you have to drag it like that for a while. 꽁머니

Director Kim Sang-sik of the Cabinet Office
a general review of the economy

As I said before the game, it was good to block Heo Woong’s 3-pointer, but his attack stalled in the second half. It was 13 points in the third quarter and 18 points in the fourth quarter. He defended well in the third quarter, but scored low.

Why I kept using Carter until the third quarter
I think there was a gap in the timing of the replacement in the previous game, so I changed it when it was difficult. I operated it on purpose. When Wilson’s 3-pointer went in, it was already offensively. It worked out effectively in defense, but it became stagnant in offense.

Run after offensive rebound
He was behind in rebounding. Since Heo Woong was checked back a lot, he passed to the middle and had a chance at the outside as he went in to help defend himself. We have one more game left, so we will prepare to make up for the wrongs.

Jeong Hyo-geun was disappointed by the failure of the no-mark layup in the third quarter and the immediate defensive mistake.
I hesitated to shoot without confidence. If that was the match, it could have been the match. I tried hard, but at that time, I kept hesitating because one defensive mistake and no shot went in. That’s a shame. I’ll tell you a lot to get better next time. I used to use it because of defense and rebound. You have to improve your performance quickly. It was very good in three to four games before you got injured. When I had a chance to shoot, I told him to throw confidently even if it was bad. I didn’t go in too much today (2nd). I’m going to go in next time. I’ll tell him to practice shooting a lot.

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