“You look like a pitcher now. Nice pitching.” Kim Seo-hyun, a second-year eagle who received praise from the coaching staff

Kim Seo-hyun, a second-year rookie who finished his second bullpen pitching in spring camp, was praised by the coaching staff.

The Hanwha Eagles held a spring camp at Melbourne Ball Park in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on the 3rd (Korea Standard Time).

After Kim Seo-hyun’s pitching, pitcher coach Park Seung-min and bullpen coach Yoon Kyu-jin expressed satisfaction with his pitching in the bullpen this season.

Director Choi Won-ho, who sat down with the reporters, also nodded constantly. “Seohyun has gotten a lot better,” he said with a satisfied smile.

Also watching Kim Seo-hyun’s pitch from behind the fence, Son said, “You look like a pitcher now. Nice pitching,” leaving the words behind, raising expectations for Kim Seo-hyun’s performance this season 헤라카지노.

Meanwhile, Kim Seo-hyun, who joined Hanwha as the No. 1 player in the 2023 season, boasted a powerful ball power from his first professional year, with a maximum speed of 160km, but unfortunately finished the season due to difficulties in pitching balance and control.

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