“Don’t go, Princess Poo”… Everland begins discussions with China on the return of Fubao

Interest is focused on the timing of the return of Panda Fubao, who is loved by the people and is called by nicknames such as ‘Princess’ and ‘Ttoppangi’.

In a press briefing held at Everland Panda World in토토사이트 Yongin on the 24th, Everland Zoo said, “In the agreement with China related to pandas, the point of return is ‘before the age of 4’.” We have started discussions on returning, but we have not yet received a concrete answer.”

In addition, “In the past, there are cases where Lebao and Aibao came to Korea in March, and May-July are rather hot, so we carefully predict that the time to return to Fubao will be around March, February-April.” did.

Everland Zoo consults with the Chinese Wildlife Conservation Association, which is in charge of wildlife management in China, and China’s Giant Panda Conservation Research Center, Everland’s panda research partner.

Pandas must return to China before the age of 4, just like all over the world, to preserve their population. Fu Bao’s parents, Le Bao and Ai Bao, have already been paired up in Korea and have a 15-year contract. You can stay in Korea until 2031.

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