“I was injured in class, so I need 20 million won”… Parents of teachers who refused to sue

An elementary school student injured his collarbone during a wrestling class, and the fact that the parents demanded 20 million won in alimony against the teacher is causing controversy.

When the teacher did not respond, the parent sued the teacher for professional malpractice.

Reporter Park Eun-joo reports.


This happened recently at an elementary school in Ansan토토사이트, Gyeonggi-do.

A student injured her collarbone during her wrestling class.

Then, the student’s parents claimed that the teacher was responsible and demanded 20 million won in alimony due to mental shock.

The teacher decided that the parent’s request was excessive and could not pay alimony, but the parent then sued the teacher for negligence at work.

The teacher who was sued was in his second year of employment and was about to enlist in the military, but he was stressed out and is currently on sick leave.

Gyeonggi Education Superintendent Lim Tae-hee explained in her press conference that the same thing happened recently.

At the same time, he criticized, “It happened during the normal education process,” and “If a student is injured during class, the Safety Mutual Aid Association can proceed with liability insurance such as medical expenses, but they demanded more from the teacher.”

[Soundbite] Lim Tae-hee(Superintendent of Gyeonggi Education) : “If you fall and break during soccer class, the teacher has to compensate for the damage. So we dispatched a legal advisory group…”

On the 16th, the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education announced a plan for legal support as one of the measures to establish teacher authority.

In particular, they said they would focus on complaints from unfair parents towards teachers with less experience who had just been appointed.

Accordingly, the Gyeonggi Office of Education plans to set up a legal advisory group soon to support teachers who are currently on sick leave.

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