Egyptian pharaohs were also ‘butlers’… I can see the plants in my house again

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are growing메이저놀이터 plants indoors. I was comforted and delighted by the appearance of ‘small nature’ that raised new leaves and grew in the desolate isolation life. The word ‘butler’ is no longer unfamiliar. The word ‘food tech’ appeared. There were people who wanted to ‘make a contribution’ by buying expensive ‘rare plants’ at high prices. A book titled <Everything about Sic Tech starting with Monstera Albo> (Sewol) was published. But plants grow and spread. As the food tech bubble burst with the Corona 19 virus, plant prices, which were once gold prices, plummeted.

Most of the plants grown indoors are wild plants that live in the tropics. Tropical houseplants, which can survive in low light under tall, dense trees in the jungle, are generally considered suitable plants for growing indoors even with insufficient light. <Cultural History of Indoor Plants> (Cultural History of Indoor Plants) deals with the history of where plants that grow well in poor indoor environments such as homes and offices and are in charge of ‘little green’ came from. Indoor plants, mostly from tropical and subtropical regions, traveled across countries and continents in line with the envy of exotic tastes. Ancient Egyptian female pharaoh Hatshepsut sent out an expedition to collect the plant to obtain frankincense trees to grow in her temple, which her book says demonstrates “a cult of the ‘exotic’ that fuels our passion for gardening.”The history of plants is not irrelevant to the history of mankind. Dieffenbachia, native to the Caribbean and South America, was poisonous and was used as a medicine, and was also used as a punishment tool for slaves during the slave trade. Caladium and begonia, which boast splendor, provided a lot of literary inspiration to French writers at the end of the century, such as being regarded as symbols of depravity and corruption. After reading this book, you will see Monstera and Sansevieria growing indoors again. The tropical landscape where they originally lived, the journey to our house will unfold before your eyes.

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