Even when I came to the police station… A woman who did not pay for a taxi fare ‘hidden crime’

A woman who was on trial for drug use was found to have been먹튀검증 involved in drugs and was arrested.

According to the police on the 30th, at around 2 am on the 18th, a woman, A, who was unable to properly control her body as if drunk, was handed over to the police station in Songpa-gu, Seoul. She called the police for help when the taxi driver failed to properly pay her fare to Mr. A, who was unfaithful to her.

The police tried to verify her personal information to contact her guardian, but Mr. A continued to be unable to control her body and behaved quite differently from her normal drunkenness. Looking at the internal closed-circuit ( CC ) TV

in the district posted on her Facebook page on the 29th, her Mr. A scratched her face, swung her arms wildly, and kept checking parts of her body. She was also seen roaming the interior of the Earth, restless. Feeling suspicious, the police checked her two cell phone numbers in the name of Mr. A. As a result, she found out that Mr. A was on trial for using methamphetamine for three months. In response, the police believed that it was possible that Mr. A may have taken drugs again and requested assistance from the drug investigation team. With the consent of Mr. A, the drug investigation team conducted a simple reagent test and tested positive for methamphetamine. Mr. A explained that she was arrested at the scene, police said.

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