‘From college to pro’: The reversed hierarchy of Shin and Bayarsaihan “I’m younger, but I’m a pro”

In college, Bayarsaihan was the senior, but that changed in the pros. The hierarchy changed when Shin entered the professional ranks a year earlier.

OK Financial Group won the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League Men’s Second Round match against Samsung Fire 3-1 (26-28, 26-24, 25-19, 25-23) at Sangryoksu Gymnasium in Ansan on Tuesday. Korean Air tied with Korean Air with 13 points, but jumped to third place with a better set win-loss ratio (1.250-2).

The team performed well at the height. Laughed out loud in the blocking numbers, 16-5. The center pairing of Bayarsaihan and Jin Sang-heon had four points apiece, while Shin Shin-jin led the way in the third set, racking up blocking points at crucial moments to keep the score close. Shin also had 16 points, including two blocks, as part of the trio that led the team to victory.

The two players walked into the interview room side by side, with Bayarsaihan first saying, “I think we lost the first round against Samsung Fire because we didn’t show what we were prepared for. We trained hard in our home stadium, and I feel good that the results came out as we analyzed them.” “Even if you analyze and promise, you often can’t stop them without knowing it,” said Shin, “At the beginning, it didn’t feel like it was going according to our analysis, but the players had a strong will to win and we were able to win with that strength.

Massage coach Ogino was pleased with his players’ blocking ability in this match. After the match, Ogino said, “Bayarsayhan made a lot of changes to their blocking. The signaling staff did a good job of blocking despite their lack of height, so we were able to defend well from behind. Everyone did their best, and we were able to get the result.” 아톰카지노 주소

“Coach Ogino personally showed me the blocking video and gave me feedback on hand shape and timing,” said Bayarsaihan. I didn’t catch any blocks in the last Samsung Fire game, so I really wanted to catch them. The day before the game, the coach talked a lot about blocking, and I was able to catch a lot because I kept thinking about it during the game.”

Both of Shin’s blocks on the day came from Park Sung-jin. “We’re in the same grade, so we’ve played against each other a lot since we were kids, so I thought I knew his characteristics well. I caught the second block because I was desperate to catch it. I was able to catch it because Sangheon had good timing with his brother.”

Shin and Bayarsaihan have been working together for six years, from Inha University to OK Financial Group. “I wanted to fall out…” says Bayarsaihan, shaking his head, “but it’s only good because we worked together in college. There are many things that make life easier.”

Shin said, “We fight every day. We argue a lot, but when it comes to volleyball, I trust her,” and joked, “I’m younger, but I’m a professional senior now.”

OK Financial Group has many Inha University alumni. In addition to the two players, there are Park Won-bin, Chae-hwan, Kim Woong-bi, and Park Tae-sung, who was selected in the third round of the rookie draft this season. Shin said, “It’s good to have so many people from Inha University. It creates a sense of unity and a fun atmosphere. OK Financial Group can hold an Inha University alumni meeting,” he laughed. Bayarsaihan also said, “We will be able to play only with players from Inha University. I hope Tae-sung can adapt as soon as possible.”

They’ve been playing together for so long that they know each other on the court just by looking at each other. Off the court, they are the most feisty, but it’s an affectionate gesture because they are so close.

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