From the first exit crisis to the issue of Yongsan High School… KBL with no windy days

Even after the season is over, there are no good days in professional basketball. Amid a sense of crisis that the system of 10 clubs may be broken, long-simmering academic issues have come to the surface and are having a turbulent off-season. Goyang Day One and Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, which each took over and refounded the club after a year, are at the center.

The survival of Day One, which was sold after a year of taking over the club, is catching the attention of the entire professional basketball community.

After completing the 2021-2022 season, Day One, which was refounded by acquiring Goyang Orion, introduced a naming sponsor system for the first time in professional basketball and entered the KBL, but was not fully trusted from the time of approval to join. In the end, the parent company Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, which served as a kind of ‘insurance’ at the time, went into court receivership not long after the opening, and the club’s financial difficulties became serious, and money-related problems such as delay in full payment of subscription fees and non-payment of wages for the players followed throughout the season. There is no significant progress in the sale of the club.

As the problem was not resolved, KBL decided to wait until the 15th and hold an extraordinary general meeting and board meeting at 7:00 am on the 16th to decide whether to expel Day1 from KBL. KBL plans to announce the dissolution of the club unless Day One resolves all unpaid wages and presents convincing grounds for normal operation in the future. There has never been a case where the federation has expelled a club.

Day One has coach Kim Seung-gi, who has risen to the rank of ‘master general’ in recent years, and league representative players such as Jeon Seong-hyun and Lee Jung-hyun. If you are kicked out, the worst situation will happen in which all of your players and staff are scattered in the air without receiving full wages. On the 2nd, some fans held a truck protest in front of the KBL office building and held KBL accountable for neglecting the Day One incident.

Korea Gas Corporation, which took over Incheon Electron Land a year before Day One and moved to Daegu and was refounded, was at the center of the topic due to personnel issues. On the 1st, they canceled all contracts with director Yoo Do-hoon, general manager Shin Seon-woo, and general manager Lee Min-hyeong and declared a new system.

The Korea Gas Corporation basketball team was called the definitive edition of ‘Gakyeon Basketball’. This is because he recruited the head coach, general manager, and even the general manager from Yongsan High School when he was former president Chae Hee-bong, a graduate of Yongsan High School. It’s been a long time since Yongsan high school alumni dominated the basketball world, but at Korea Gas Corporation, they were seen as blatantly empowered. This is because it was interpreted as taking care of alumni by creating an additional general manager position on top of the director and recruiting a basketball leader from outside while changing the rules even though it was a ‘construction’.먹튀검증

Korea Gas Corporation, whose president was replaced, dismissed them all at once when the season was over. It is tantamount to actually acknowledging the parachute greeting, which has been silent despite everyone’s uncomfortable gazes.

All three had contract terms remaining, but were dismissed without reaching an agreement on the remaining salary payment. The possibility of a court dispute is being raised cautiously.

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