Haven’t failed yet! The rebound of a bottom player in 10,000 years

50 out of 50. lowest in the league.

Here is a team that hasn’t won a single game since June 2018.

It is the basketball team of Chosun University, the only local university in the first division of college basketball.

This year, they failed to win a single game and are in last place, but for some reason, the faces of the players are brighter than ever.메이저놀이터

It is because the interest in the Chosun University basketball team is pouring in after the release of the movie ‘Rebound’, which is based on the true story of director Kang Yang-hyun’s coaching days at Busan Jungang High School.

For the first time this year, a cheerleading performance was held during the game, and the broken electronic display board, which had suddenly sounded a buzzer every game, was also decided to be renewed.

It is still a reality that head coach Kang Yang-hyun and coach Jung Woo-nyeong drive the team bus for each away game, but the team is full of expectations that ‘it can get better’.

Captain Yoo Chang-seok smiled and said, “After watching the movie, I saw hope that we could do it well.”

Coach Kang Yang-hyun, who was the coach of Busan Joongang High School, achieved runner-up with only 6 players and no substitutes.

When asked if he would be able to reenact the true story ‘Rebound’, which is more like a movie than a movie, at Chosun University, he expressed his confidence.

Coach Kang replied, “As long as they don’t have any scars and hold on mentally, Chosun University players are much better (than Busan Joongang High School). A second rebound may not be like a miracle.”

Above all, unlike the past when there were only 8 players in total, this year’s team has been recruited with 9 freshmen, the most since the team was founded, and it is a big plus that the new players are also breathing.

Among the freshmen, there are players who have been accepted to other 1st division universities but chose Chosun University.

Koo Bon-jun, a first-year player of ‘Chosun University’s hopeful’, said, “He chose Chosun University because he thought he would receive many opportunities and that he would improve his skills while playing games.”

Director Jang Hang-joon, who often visits Chosun University because of the movie ‘Rebound’, is one of those who yearn for Chosun University’s first victory.

Director Jang sent a message of support, saying, “Just as coach Kang Yang-hyun made the miracle victory of Busan Central High School 12 years ago, the Chosun University basketball team can also make a miracle victory.”

Actor Jeong Jin-woon, who played the role of Kyu-hyeok in the movie, also visited Chosun University and asked for support from many people, saying, “The support of ‘It’s okay, you’re good, you can do it’ is a great strength.”

Rebound, the art of turning failure into success.

Attention is focusing on the rebound that the Chosun University basketball team, the ‘last in 10,000 years’, will unfold.

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