Full-term pregnant woman, murder after abduction of an 8-year-old girl 

 August 30, 1997. There was an incident in which Miss Park Cho-rong-cho-rong-bit-nari (then 8 years old) was kidnapped on her way home from academy class.

That evening, Park’s parents received calls from the kidnapper demanding a ransom of 20 million won three times.

The location of the call was a payphone located in Myeong-dong, Seoul, and the identity of the kidnapper who hurriedly put down the phone and disappeared was Jeon Hyeon-joo (28 years old at the time), who was 8 months pregnant and full-term.

On the day of the crime, Mr. Jeon approached Yang Park while wandering around an English academy in Jamwon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, and lured him to her토토사이트 Sadang-dong basement warehouse, which was used as a prop production room.

He gave Park Yang sleeping pills, pretending to be candy, and when Park woke up crying and begged her to go home, he strangled her to death.

Even after killing Park, Mr. Jeon called again the next day to deceive Park’s parents and extort money from them. There were a total of 13 people, including Jeon, 12 women and 1 man, at a coffee shop in Myeong-dong, where the waiting police tracked down the source and raided.

When the police questioned him, Mr. Jeon protested, saying that he had to go to the hospital because the baby was kicking in surprise. Mr. Jeon called even his college juniors located near her and made a fuss, and the police only took her fingerprints and sent her Mr. Jeon away.

Afterwards, while the police conducted an undercover investigation against 13 people at the coffee shop, the case was switched to public investigation on September 3 as the criminal disappeared after hiding his whereabouts.

The decisive informant who helped the police catch Mr. Jeon was Mr. Jeon’s parents. On September 11, Jeon’s father, a high-ranking government official, informed the police who were questioning her home that her daughter had been running away since September 1. And after hearing the voice of the kidnapper heard by the police, he confessed that it was her daughter.

In fact, Jeon’s parents heard about her crime two days ago, on September 9, from her daughter. Her father said to Jeon, “The only way for you to atone for your sins is to commit suicide.” She said, “Don’t be afraid, we will follow soon,” and even bought her insecticide and put it in her hands.

Upon hearing the report from her parents, the police immediately arrested her and arrested her on September 12 at an inn in Sillim-dong, Seoul based on the call history. Later, following her confession, Park Yang’s body was found in a hiking backpack on the stairs near the entrance to the basement warehouse.

It was revealed that Jeon, who was pregnant after her wedding in February of that year, planned her kidnapping to settle the 30 million won debt incurred after her marriage because she was usually extravagant and extravagant.

She falsely claimed that Mr. Jeon “had an accomplice” or “was sexually assaulted,” raising questions that there would be an accomplice rather than Mr. Jeon’s solo crime, but as a result of a joint investigation by the police and prosecutors, it was confirmed that it was a solo crime.

The prosecution judged that Jeon’s crime was very poor, even repeating her lies even in her statements, and sought the death penalty for her.

The baby in Jeon’s stomach came out in October 1997, a month after Jeon’s arrest. Afterwards, Jeon’s husband immediately took her and sent her to the United States for adoption.

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