Hanging upside down for 30 minutes on an overturned amusement ride… Passengers in fear

Local media such as CBC recently reported that an accident occurred where passengers on a ride called ‘Lumberjack Ride’ were hanging upside down at the Wonderland theme park메이저사이트 located in Ontario, Canada .

According to the media, at around 10:40 pm on the 23rd of last month, the ride suddenly broke down and flipped 180 degrees, and passengers were left screaming and hanging in the air for nearly 30 minutes. A SNS

video of the situation at the time showed a park official asking through a loudspeaker, “Is everyone okay there?” and passengers responding “No.” The ride was restored to normal around 11:05 p.m. One passenger who was on the balloon at the time told CBC that he was in tears after losing feeling in his feet while suspended in the air . According to the amusement park, two passengers on board at this time complained of chest pain. Other than this, it is reported that there were no injuries.

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