Kimchi effect?… Taiwan Roller Team “0.01 seconds is a miracle given by heaven” 

Taiwan’s men’s roller skating team won the gold medal by 0.01 seconds토토사이트 over the Korean team in the 3000m relay race at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, which Taiwanese media made headlines, calling it a “miracle.” The Taiwanese men’s national team reportedly ate kimchi and radish radish for breakfast on the day of the game.

According to Taiwanese media on the 2nd, in the race held at the Qiantang Roller Sports Center in Hangzhou, the Taiwanese team was in a situation where victory could not be guaranteed even when the last lap was completed, but Korea’s last runner, Jeong Cheol-won, held a victory ceremony just before crossing the finish line. Meanwhile, the last runner of the Taiwanese team, Yulin Huang, ran to the end and stuck out his left foot in front of the finish line, and Taiwan, which reached the finish line 0.01 seconds earlier, won the gold medal.

Yulin Huang said, “I was very depressed because of the game the day before. Just thinking about it made him want to cry. But he won the gold medal in today’s game. This was also a symbol of our 10 years of training at the National Training Center. “I’m really proud and happy,” he told Taiwanese media. Hwang Yu-lin had a chance at a medal in the 1000m race held the previous day, but was disqualified after colliding with an athlete behind her.

Yulin Hwang continued, “I turned the corner and used centrifugal force to accelerate toward the finish line in the last 10 meters,” and added, “I just wanted to do a finishing move (hold out my leg) at the finish line without even thinking about it.” “(After passing the finish line) I wasn’t even sure if my wheel was ahead of the opponent’s,” he recalled. He said, “I went to the players and coach and apologized for not being able to win the gold medal, but soon after, I saw the results showing that he won by 0.01 seconds. It was a gift from heaven. “It was a ‘miracle,’” he said.

Due to this miracle, the food eaten by Taiwanese male athletes suddenly attracted attention. Taiwanese media reported that behind this miracle was the ‘kimchi’ eaten to defeat the Korean national team. Yang He-jeon, a member of the Taiwanese women’s national roll skating team, told the Taiwanese media that the pressure on the Taiwanese men’s national team against Korea was great, adding, “The men’s national team players especially brought kimchi and radish radish radish for breakfast that day.” It was a kind of ritual to beat Korea. Taiwanese internet media ET Today wrote, ‘Eating kimchi had a special effect.’

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