Hitting the head with a bat and suturing… 4.6 billion catcher’s conviction remarks “It’s really hard to be a catcher, I hope the batters pay attention”

NC catcher Park Se-hyeok, who was hit in the head by SSG foreign hitter Guillermo Heredia’s bat and shed blood, appealed to KBO League hitters about the difficulty of the catcher position and asked for caution at bat. 

Park Se-hyuk started as catcher number 6 in the 4th game of the season against KT in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 9th and led the team to a 16-4 victory with 3 hits in 5 at-bats (1 home run) and 2 RBIs. . 

Park Se-hyeok, who freed himself with a foul fly by the third baseman in the first inning and a sacrifice bunt in the third, appeared as the lead in the fifth inning and opened the beginning of the three-hit show with a hit to the left. Afterwards, he took the lead again in the 6th inning, leading 9-3, and hit a solo home run, reporting the 3rd gun of the season a month after the match against Changwon Kiwoom on April 8, and leading 14-3 in the 8th inning, 1 company 1, 2nd baseman 1 With an RBI and right-handed hit, he achieved 3 hits in one game for the second time since the opening game against Samsung on April 1st. Park Se-hyuk raised his batting average for the season from 10.803 to 2.105 by clearing away the slump in the last 6 games in a row.

Park Se-hyeok is the new main catcher of the Dinosaur Corps, which signed an FA contract with NC for 4 years and up to 4.6 billion won in November last year. He played an active role as a model free agent until mid-April from the start of the season, and suffered the bad luck of being hit in the head by Heredia’s backswing while defending against Incheon SSG on April 14th. At the time, he complained of great shock and was bleeding a lot. The injury was serious enough that he had to be sutured first and sutured again later. 

Fortunately, Park Se-hyeok returned from the Gwangju KIA match on April 25 after a 10-day recovery period. However, perhaps because of the aftereffects of the injury, he suffered extreme sluggishness with a batting average of 4 pun 5 li (1 hit in 22 at-bats) in 7 games.

Park Se-hyuk, who met after the game on the 9th, said, “It may sound like an excuse, but after his return, the balance was broken without my knowledge. He went through trial and error as he went out unprepared. Of course, it wasn’t as difficult as when I suffered a facial fracture in the past, but this time I also shed blood and stitched up the injured part,” he said. “The cancellation of last week’s rain was a good opportunity. At that time, he made mental ease with his coaches. He had time to think.” 

Is the condition of your hair okay now? Park Se-hyuk said, “In fact, there was a very big incident before. After that incident, it is tolerable for injuries, but this time I hurt my head again,” he said. “However, recovery was not so necessary. After stitching, everything was fine. I was grateful that many people were worried about me, but now I don’t think you have to do it.” In April 2021, Park Se-hyeok was hit in the front of his face by a pitch while batting and underwent orbital fracture surgery.

However, Park Se-hyeok is also a human being, so he could not overcome the trauma of his ball in a short period of time. He said, “Two years ago, I came back from a face injury at the beginning of the season and had bad results. I’m also a person, so I couldn’t not care about that part again.” “It’s still early in the season. It is no different from the beginning. I wonder if good results will come if I have a new mindset.” 

Park Se-hyeok continued to speak about his convictions toward the hitters in the KBO League, including Heredia. “I want to say a word through this position,” he said, “catcher is a very difficult position. There are many catchers in 10 clubs, both starting and backing up, and everyone is having a hard time. He sweats a lot and gets hit by the ball more than anyone else. It’s not easy because it’s a 3D position,” he complained.

The gist of the remark was the partnership spirit between the catcher and the batter. Park Se-hyuk said, “You shouldn’t think that other players are complacent. No matter how much the catcher avoids it, if you focus on the game, there is a place for us, and there is a position,” he said. “A certain amount of attention is needed in that area. Everyone is sharing their careers. I wish I could adjust the batting position like Park Dong-won (LG).”

Park Se-hyeok repeatedly emphasized the spirit of partnership,먹튀검증 “But this is not something to say to the hitters. Of course, if the hitters are in the same position, I will have to move backwards, but the catcher is a really difficult position.”

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