Exceeding everyone’s expectations… Thailand, women’s golf summit

3 players outside of 60th place in the world rankings, except for

the tee, The United States and Australia beat the U.S. and Australia in turn . A championship competition between Korea and the United States was expected. This is because the U.S. team, including World No. 1 Nellie Korda (25, USA), and 3 out of 4 participating players made it to the top 10, and Korea also made a team with outstanding members such as world No. 3 Ko Jin-young (28, Solaire).

But neither Korea nor America. Thailand, with the Jutanugarn sisters at the forefront, created an uproar by beating both the United States and Australia, who were favorites for the title, on the final day of the tournament held at Harding Park TPC (par 72) in San Francisco, California on the 8th. Thailand, led by sisters Moria (world ranking 80th) and Eriya Jutanugarn (28th, 83rd), Ataya Thitikun (20th, 5th), and Patty Tawatanagit (24th, 63rd), defeated Australia on the day. He won by 4 holes in all 3 matches, including 2 single matches and 1 foursome match. Titikkun, who started the singles match first, beat Stephanie Kiriaku by 4 holes with 2 holes left, and Tawatanagit, the second runner, defeated Hannah Green by 4 holes with 3 holes left. The Jutanugarn sisters, who played in the final foursome match, beat Lee Min-jee and Sera Kemp by a 4-hole lead with 3 holes left.

Previously,바카라사이트 Thailand defeated even the United States, which was considered the strongest power in the semifinals. In the singles match, Tawatanagi lost to world No. 4 Lilia Vu by one hole, but Titikkun defeated super long hitter Lexi Thompson by three holes, and the Jutanugarn sisters beat Korda-Daniel Kang by one hole in the foursome match. . Thailand, which consists of players outside the 60th place in the world rankings, excluding Titikkun, recorded only one loss until the final. In particular, the Jutanugarn sisters became the number one contributor to Thailand’s victory by winning all five matches, including three preliminaries, semifinals and finals. Titikkun also posted a 5-game winning streak.

Australia defeated Sweden in the semifinals to advance to the final, but it was not enough to stop Thailand’s rise. The U.S. took comfort by beating Sweden in the match for third and fourth place. Founded in 2014, Spain became the first champion, and in 2016 the United States won. In 2018, Korea rose to the top. Since then, it has been unable to open due to the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), but it has resumed this time.

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