I borrowed a cell phone from a taxi driver and stole 100 million won

Incheon Samsan Police Station announced on the 8th that it arrested Mr. A, in his 20s, on charges of fraud using computers.

Mr. A is accused of stealing 105 million won in cash from the accounts토토사이트 of 17 drivers while boarding a taxi in the metropolitan area as a guest between August and September.

As a result of the investigation, it was found that when Mr. A transferred the taxi fare to the driver’s account, he mistakenly sent more money and had the driver withdraw money from a nearby ATM and secretly stole the password.

Afterwards, Mr. A, who got back into his taxi, was found to have borrowed the driver’s mobile phone, installed a banking application, and made a reservation transfer to his Daepo bank account, saying he would search his navigation system.

Mr. A also asked the driver to send a small amount of money to an acquaintance’s account, secretly filmed the transfer, and borrowed a cell phone again to withdraw cash.

It was confirmed that Mr. A mainly committed crimes against elderly taxi drivers, such as those in their 60s or 70s, during late-night hours.

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