“The moment I was about to give up, a miracle came.” Kim Geun-tae, who received the enlistment date, entered the Korean Tour by winning the final match of the Srixon Tour 

 I actually gave up my mind. Since he was given an enlistment date, he decided, “If I don’t succeed this time, I’ll quit.” He let go of his heart and a miracle came. Geuntae Kim (26, Srixon) experienced a miracle.

Geun-Tae Kim competed in the 20th tournament (total prize money: 1), the final match of the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Srixon (Part 2) Tour season, held at Golf Zone Count Yeongam 45 Kyle Phillips A·B Course (par 72, 6,385 yards) in Yeongam, Jeollanam-do on the 11th. Won 20 million won) with 16 under par and 200 strokes. This was his first win in 4 years and 2 months since he turned pro in 2019. He said, “I will enlist the day after Christmas. The warrant is already out. “He struggled for three years on the Srixon Tour, and (due to poor results) he was conflicted about whether to continue playing golf,” he said.

He said, “Something like a dream happened. He ran so desperately, thinking that it was his last time. It can’t be better than this. “Luck came to me at a time of great need,” he said. “I will see if I can postpone my enlistment.” If possible, he hoped, “I would like to play the Korean Tour for a year and then enlist.”

Geun-Tae Kim, who studied golf and studied at the University of Tennessee at the same time, won university golf tournaments, including twice as an individual and five times as a team. He had an offer to coach in graduate school, but returned to Korea to resolve military service, and began his professional career by becoming an associate member in June 2019 and a full member in August.

He said, “When I was in college, I played the game with smart play even메이저놀이터 though the distance was not long. He also played well on greens as his green speed was over 3.0 stimp meters. But in Korea, you have to first get a low score to compete. “Not only was it difficult to get good results at Gunsan CC or Solago CC if the driving distance was short, but the green speed was only about 2.5 stimp meters, so there was no putting feeling,” he said.

He entered the Korean Tour in 2020, but failed to pass the cut 9 times in 10 competitions. He lost his seed and was promised a next on the Srixon Tour, but the wait was too long. He said, “His mother was very worried. “His circumstances were not good, so he worked out hard,” he said. “After returning home, I went to the practice gym and trained by myself.” He couldn’t even go out for a round often. “Her mother even said, ‘Isn’t it better to make money?’” he said with tears in his eyes.

As a professional player, he was giving lessons while making a living and training at the same time. He suffered hardships repeatedly when he competed in the Korean Tour Monday qualifiers. This was also the reason why he was trying to give up, saying, “I’ve done this much, but if it doesn’t work, it shouldn’t work.” He tied for 23rd in the iMBank Open, where he participated as a local recommendation, and strengthened his determination to “let’s try one more time.” He said, “The green speed in this tournament was about 3.4 stimp meters, so I played comfortably. The distance also increased to about 280 yards on average for the driver, and he thought he was competitive after playing in the iMBank Open.”

Confidence stimulated the desire to take on challenges, and the championship trophy arrived like a miracle at the last moment. He expressed his ambition, saying, “Like senior Park Sang-hyun, I want to become a player who can play on tour even after he is over 40.” He added, “Thanks to Srixon’s generous support of clubs and balls, I was able to practice without any (financial) burden, which also helped me regain my sense of shooting.” “This is why,” he expressed his gratitude.

“I have to go to the Military Manpower Administration to find out (whether it is possible to postpone enlistment),” Kim Geun-tae said, leaving the venue at a brisk pace, looking somewhat excited.

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