“I bought a 600g grilled beef set and 100g was the weight of the sauce”

A company that entered KakaoTalk Gift Shop sold a beef set토토사이트, but controversy arose because the weight of the sauce was included in the set weight.

Recently, an article was posted on an online community that a beef set was received as a gift through KakaoTalk Gift.

The product name was Premium Beef Assorted Grilled Set, 600g, but when I actually received the delivery, the meat was only 500g.

The sauce occupied 100g of the meat.

The author insisted that he was upset because it seemed to be sold intentionally and that he had to check the product description to confirm that the weight of the sauce was 100g.

It is currently in the state of being changed to the name of the product, 500g.

Netizens responded that it was a consumer deception, and that from now on, they would not suffer losses if they looked carefully at everything.

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