‘I can not believe it!’ Suwinski’s super catch intercepting the Bets home run 

The Pittsburgh Pirates lost, but outfielder Jack Suwinsky’s defense was impressive.

On the 26th (Korean time), in the 6th inning of a home game against the Los Angeles Dodgers held at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, Suwinsky intercepted a home run from opposing batter Mookie Betts.

With 2 out on 1st and 2nd base, Betts scooped Robert Stevenson’s 7th pitch slider on a 3-2 count. The batted ball with a batting speed of 103.7 miles and an angle of 37 degrees went to the left.

According to ‘Baseball Savant’, it was a good hit with a distance of 402 feet and an expected batting average of 0.490. It seemed to go over the left fence, but Suwinsky reached over the fence and caught it.

Center fielder Bae Ji-hwan, one of the people who watched the catch the closest, said, “The batted ball was flying high, so at first I told them that there was space, but it kept going back. So he shouted ‘Wall!’ He didn’t know if he would catch it. He thought he had completely gone over it, and then he admired it,” he said of his colleague’s catch scene.

Starter Johann Oviedo, who had been watching the game from the dugout after the bases were loaded with the bases loaded, raised his arms in joy as Suwinsky caught the ball.

“It was a really impressive catch, a great moment,” he said in a post-game interview. He saved three points and kept the team ahead,” he said of the scene.

The person in question said calmly about his catch, saying, “It wasn’t crazy.” He “felt the dirt with his feet and felt the space was closing. The timing was good in that situation,” he said of his catch at the time.

In PNC Park, the left outfield fence is relatively low. Knowing this point well, he emphasized that it was not a play that came out of nowhere, saying, “I am practicing for a ball that hits the fence and goes over the top.”

He, who unfortunately failed to steal a home run during the Cincinnati expedition last season, said, “It was a moment he had been thinking about since his childhood. It was better to be able to do it at home,” he said.

Pittsburgh maintained a 7-5 lead with one of his catches, but allowed a three-run homer to Chris Taylor in the 8th inning and lost the game in vain.토토사이트

Coach Derek Shelton said, “We didn’t play cleanly with a 7-2 lead. It gave them more chances against a World Series favorite team, and they took advantage of it. On the other hand, we didn’t take advantage of the opportunity properly, and the pitchers couldn’t throw the ball as planned,” he expressed regret.

Regarding Yohan Oviedo, who recorded 5 runs (4 earned) in 5 1/3 innings, “Even though it wasn’t the command I had seen, he gave the team a chance to win. It’s probably the first time he’s thrown with a bad pitch this season. Nevertheless, he gave the team a chance to win,” he said, commenting that he saw positive signs.

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