“It’s completely satisfying” ‘League Top 5’ without adaptation… Director Kim Won-hyung laughs

 “I’m completely satisfied.”

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung laughed widely at Guillermo Heredia’s performance as a new foreign hitter.

Heredia appeared in all 19 games SSG played until the 25th, recording a batting average of 0.365 and an OPS of 0.954. His batting average is 6th in the league and 3rd among foreign players. OPS is 5th in the league and 2nd for foreign hitters. It is the driving force behind SSG’s high-altitude march as the ‘defending champion’.

Head coach Kim Won-hyung said ahead of the game on the 26th, “He is a player with contact skills and a game plan.

On the 25th, overexertion led to a home-out, but this was not a big problem. Heredia got a hit after two outs in the top of the ninth inning, then rushed home when Hanyu Island hit a double and was out. He tried to avoid the tag by switching feet in front of the home plate, but catcher Park Dong-won’s mitt was faster. His first decision was safe, but it was out after a video review.

Manager Kim Won-hyung said, “The base coach told me to stop, but it didn’t seem to work. I would have thought that I had to go in right away because it was two outs. I thought I could live if I made a mistake in the relay. It would have been a good play if the tag had been emptied, and this issue would have been discussed in the part in charge.”

#26 Jamsil LG Game Starting Lineup
Choo Shin-soo (designated hitter) – Choi Ji-hoon (right fielder) – Choi Jeong (3rd baseman) – Heredia (left fielder) – Kim Kang-min (center fielder) – Oh Tae-gon (1st baseman) – Park Seong-han (shortstop) – Kim Seong-hyeon (baseman) – Kim Min-sik (catcher), starting Pitcher Song Young-jin

– The game on the 25th must have been a disappointing result.

“Yes. Yesterday, both teams had the same content. Both teams had many opportunities. It’s a pity that we couldn’t get the first run in the first and second innings. Seung-Won Moon didn’t throw it badly, he tried to do it too well. Hitting a home run by Hae-Min Park remained in my mind. In the next at-bat, he gave a walk. That was regrettable.”

– How has Seo Jin-yong changed from last year?

“After being coached for the first time, I heard a lot that Seo Jin-yong started making his own pitches in May. They said, ‘What are you talking about? I’m not going to say it, but I’m sure there are things I’ve felt over the past two years. During the Jeju Island camp, I threw 60% instead of 100%. That’s why I thought my condition wasn’t improving in April.”

“This year, since the camp,먹튀검증 Seo Jin-yong came and said, ‘I worked hard’ and ‘I made a good body.’ After coming out, I gained confidence. You have to find and do self-discipline. That way it will last a long time.”

– What is Song Young-jin’s schedule after today?

“Song Young-jin is trying to decide after watching today’s game. I’m still talking with the training part. I’m thinking about whether to take a break after this game or send him to the bullpen after a 5-day break.”

“When Park Jong-hoon returns, (Song Young-jin) has to leave the rotation at least once. Song Young-jin is still not ready to start.

– How is the recruitment of new foreign pitchers going?

“I’m preparing, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be easy. The pitchers I’ve been paying attention to don’t let go. Even in the major leagues, pitchers’ pitching innings don’t go as far as 200 innings like before. Minor league pitchers have a lot of opportunities. If it’s later, in June I don’t know if it will come. I think if it’s a good player, you should pay the transfer fee to bring it.”

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