“I never asked the deceased for money” Parents of plastic bottle incident, why did they do that?

 A parent accused of receiving millions of won for his child’s medical expenses from Lee Young-seung, a teacher at Howon Elementary School in Uijeongbu who died two years ago, said, “I never made any request to the deceased,” and the police will soon arrest three people, including the parent. It was decided to summon and investigate.

The Uijeongbu Police Station summoned and investigated two officials from the Office of Education as accusers and complainants on the morning of the 25th regarding the ‘Howon Elementary School teacher death incident’ that the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education requested investigation.

In addition to officials from the Office of Education, the police plan to summon and interrogate three parents involved in the incident after the Chuseok holiday.

However, the police explained, “As the investigation is still in the early stages, the three accused parents are only subjects of investigation whose criminal facts have not been confirmed. There is an audit result from the Office of Education, but the police investigation is scheduled to proceed separately from this.”

The police are focusing on investigating whether some parents were coerced into receiving medical treatment fees from the teacher.

According to the Gyeonggi Teachers’ Union and the Office of Education, in 2016, the first year since the teacher, who died due to an extreme decision two years ago, took office, a student in the 6th grade class he was in charge of cut his hand with a cutter knife while cutting a plastic bottle during class스포츠토토.

Mr. A, the student’s parent, continued to contact the teacher, who had taken a leave of absence and enlisted in the military, even though he received compensation for medical expenses twice from the School Safety Mutual Aid Association.

In the end, this teacher gave Mr. A a total of 4 million won in treatment expenses, 500,000 won per month for 8 months from April 2019, out of a monthly salary of less than 2 million won.

Recently, as this fact became known, the personal information of Mr. A and his children were revealed on social media , and public anger led to ‘private sanctions’, with protests pouring in at Mr. A’s workplace. Among these, Mr. A’s side said through SBS

on the 23rd, “We have never requested medical expenses from the deceased,” and “We will organize and present our position soon.” In relation to this, according to the contents of the text message previously released by the teacher’s bereaved family, Mr. A said to the teacher, “I would like to discuss treatment for the wound on the hand of ㅇㅇ (child’s name),” and “I would like to meet ㅇㅇ this Wednesday to discuss surgery.” , “ㅇㅇ I had the first surgery today. I will visit the hospital again tomorrow. It’s really hard. “If you see the text, please contact me.” It is reported that contact from Mr. A continued from November 2016 to December 2019.

This teacher asked in February 2019, “Can I get just one account number? I’m so sorry and sorry to your mother and ㅇㅇ… I don’t have the mental and emotional will to do it… “I would like to help you with 500,000 won for ten months,” he answered. Regarding this, lawyer Lee Jeong-min, the legal representative of the teacher ‘s bereaved family, pointed out in YTN

on the 22nd, “Even if the parents received the money (without coercion), it is an unfair advantage without legal cause.” Attorney Lee said, “This is a problem that should have been resolved through national compensation. He emphasized, “Even if there is negligence on the part of an educational civil servant who is a government official, it is not a legal principle that an individual can be held responsible.” He continued, “If we talk about the crime of intimidation included in the crime of coercion, there is a Supreme Court precedent that it is enough to constitute intimidation if it is not necessarily an explicit method, but if the suspicion is raised that ‘if you do not comply, there is a risk of unfair disadvantage’ through a position based on status, etc. “There is,” he added. At the same time, “(Mr. A’s side) has continued to contact this teacher over several years, and as long as the intention has been directly or indirectly revealed that ‘I would like to receive at least an expression of sincerity or a financial request from you in this regard,’ coercion or threats have been made. “It appears that this may apply,” he said.

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