If you don’t want to repeat ‘Another Lim Ki-young’ in the new year, beating the finish of 64G 82 innings… KIA, ‘Another Lim Ki-young’?
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Is it possible not to repeat “Any Call Lim Ki-young”?

Lim Ki-young sweated the most among KIA Tigers pitchers in the 2023 season. He transformed into an intermediate pitcher and played 82 innings in 64 games. He pitched the second-highest number of innings after Noh Kyung-eun of SSG. As such, he served as a must-winner. As he topped the list of high school records for pitchers, he is expected to see his annual salary increase significantly.

After completing his military service, he had strong skills as a starting pitcher for six years from the 2017 season. This year was different. He had competition to start at spring camp and exhibition games, but gave up his position to left-handed rookie Yoon Young-chul and changed his position to an intermediate pitcher. He played as a long man behind the starting pitcher. He began to show more power as he took the mound. His status as a must-win man who can play multiple innings in a winning game has soared. 랭크카지노

It was powerful enough to earn saves by banking on various pitching and ball control. The prevailing assessment was that without Lim’s performance, the team would not have been able to compete in the semifinals. Concerns were also expressed over the fact that he played too many games and innings at the same time. He was the most reliable among bullpen pitchers. Closest Jung Hae-young and Jang Hyun-sik were not good, and Jeon Sang-hyun was also shaken during the opening two months.

In addition, the fact that starting pitchers did not play many innings also affected Lim. The fact that many pitched two innings in two innings in two innings was due to the poor performance of starting pitchers. None of the starting pitchers in this year averaged six innings. Yang had the most ⅔s on average. Gos Lanha’s team was forced to lead Lim. Lim is expected to play as the core of the bullpen next year as well.

That’s why Kia’s theme for the 2024 season is not to repeat ‘Yim Ki-young again.’ Basically, the starting lineup should be solid. Yang Hyun-jong, Lee Ui-ri, and Yoon Young-cheol will occupy three positions as pitchers in Korea. Lee Eui-ri and Yoon Young-cheol should enhance their pitching power to at least five innings. For foreign pitchers, the most important thing is playing well in innings. KIA is preparing as a right-handed pitcher. Although the contract has not been announced yet, it seems that the team has reached the final stage.

Six to eight starters who support the starters are also important. This year, 21-year-old Hwang Dong-ha and veteran Kim Geon-guk were spotlighted as replacement pitchers. It is important to improve the ball power of Hwang Dong-ha, who is sweating profusely at the drive-in center in Seattle. On top of that, expectations are high on Kim Yu-shin, Kim Hyun-soo, and Jang Min-ki, who returned after completing military service. Rookie first-rounder and right-hander Cho Dae-hyun are also considered candidates for the starting lineup. As the team cannot operate with five starters, it is absolutely necessary to support them.

The bullpen also has homework. With only 23 saves for the season, Chung is solving ball power and speedup challenges in the Seattle Mariners. He is receiving orders to make a comeback with a strong 30 saves. Also, Jang Hyun-sik, the “hold king,” needs to find his presence. Jeon Sang-hyun, who has shown his ball power since June, is trustworthy. Attention is focusing on whether Kim Dae-yu, Kim Ki-hoon and Kwak Do-gyu will support the team while Choi Ji-min and Lee Joon-young are thriving.

Another highlight to watch is bullpen pitchers such as left-hander Kim Ki-hoon and right-hander Yoo Seung-cheol, who are currently playing in the Australian League. Currently, the team is not determined to play in the first division. However, critics say that the team is the best in pitching power, just like the first team nominees. If the team takes responsibility for each inning and takes a position in the first division, the team will have strong power, which is highly anticipated. If the word “im Ki-young again” is not mentioned, the mound will be much better.

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