Kim Ki-li “Like Lamborghili’s nickname in the new year!”

The person who shined the most in this year’s Korean short track speed skating was Kim Ki-li, the 19-year-old youngest member of the women’s team. He even got the nickname Lamborghili because he was as fast as a supercar, and he promised to run fast in the new year.

I’m reporter Ha Seong-ryong.

Kim Ki-li, who swept the world’s junior stage with her explosive speed in high school, emerged as the strongest two years after her adult debut.

In the first round of the World Cup, he turned the tables with a thrilling day and jumped to the top of the world ranking by winning five gold medals after winning his first gold medal.

In particular, at the Seoul competition two weeks ago, he made a strong impression by winning 1,500m 1st and 2nd consecutive races.


Even with a small body size of 160 centimeters, there is a nickname named after a supercar when he overtakes his opponent with an explosive out-course run.

[Kim Gilly / Short track national team: Many people call it Lamborghili these days. Lamborghini is fast and low, so I think it’s a nickname that goes well with short track]

Kim Ki-li, the 19-year-old youngest, is determined to continue his rapid run toward the World Cup overall title and the World Championship gold medal in the upcoming new year, filling the gap of Choi Min-jeong, who returned the Taegeuk mark to recharge this season.

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