“If you take care of me, I will give you my dead ex-wife’s house”… Dangerous ‘inheritance’ transaction between uncle and nephew in their 80s

An uncle in his 80s and a nephew in his 50s were sentenced to prison for forging real estate documents in the name of his deceased wife, who they divorced, and passing them to his nephew in exchange for taking care of him.

According to the legal community on the 1st, Judge Park Kang-min of the 6th Criminal Division of the Seoul Eastern District Court sentenced Mr. Bae (85), who was indicted on charges of forging private documents and using forged private documents, to six months in prison and one year of probation, and sentenced Mr. Oh (58), who was indicted on the same charge, to six months in prison. He was sentenced to four months in prison and one year of probation.

Mr. Bae is accused of forging a donation deed agreement to donate an apartment and a house owned by Mr.

Mr. A divorced Mr. Bae in March 2021 and died without any immediate blood relatives in May먹튀검증, two months later. However, her death was not reported immediately after her death, and her heir, Mr. B, reported her death the following year, in April of last year.

While Ms. Bae maintained her conjugal relationship with Mr. A, she was delegated the authority to enter into a lease agreement with respect to Mr. A’s real estate, but after the death of Mr. A, she was not delegated the authority to enter into a lease agreement from her heir, Mr. B.

Nevertheless, Mr. Bae is accused of forging and issuing monthly rent contracts in the name of Mr. A for three houses each in June 2021 and February and March of last year.

In July of the same year, he is accused of applying for a provisional injunction to prohibit the sale of real estate on the grounds that the land in Mr. A’s name was donated, using Mr. A, who has already died, as the other party (defendant) in a civil suit, and submitting a written agreement to the court.

Judge Park ruled, “The fact that they are admitting their mistakes, the fact that both of them are first-time offenders with no history of criminal punishment, and their relationship with Mr. A during his lifetime were taken into consideration in sentencing.”

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