Minister Han Dong-hoon’s ‘US travel expenses’ not disclosed even after a month of court ruling

Even though a month has passed since the court issued the first trial ruling ordering Minister of Justice Han Dong-hoon to disclose the details of his business trip expenses to the United States last year, which cost 48 million won in public taxes, Minister Han Dong-hoon has not disclosed the details of his business trip expenses as the court ruled. 

On August 24, the 12th Division of the Seoul Administrative Court (Presiding Judge Jeong Yong-seok) ruled that Minister Han Dong-hoon and Ministry of Justice employees spent 48 million won for business trip expenses to the United States for 9 days and 7 nights from June 29 to July 7, 2022. The decision was made in favor of lawyer Ha Seung-soo (Catch Tax Thieves co-representative/Newstapa expert) who filed an administrative lawsuit for information disclosure to disclose execution details and expenditure evidence.

At the time, the court said, “Not only is it difficult to say that detailed execution details of simple business trip expenses or documentation of expenditures per se correspond to matters related to national security, national defense, unification, and diplomatic relations, but also that business trips are conducted after the business trip ends. “We cannot find any reasonable basis to believe that there is a risk that significant national interests will be significantly harmed by additional disclosure of detailed expenditure details and expenditure documents,” he said.

Accordingly, Minister Han Dong-hoon appeared at the National Assembly on September 1 and announced, “Following the court ruling, I will disclose the details of my business trip expenses to the United States.” However, Minister Han made the premise that the Minister of Justice’s business토토사이트 trip expenses during the previous Moon Jae-in administration would also be disclosed. Afterwards, Minister Han Dong-hoon gave up the appeal, and the first trial public ruling became final on September 9.

Attorney Ha Seung-soo, who received a favorable ruling as a plaintiff in an administrative lawsuit, sent a certification of contents to the Minister of Justice on September 12 in order to quickly disclose the information. In the content certification, Attorney Ha said, “Even though the judgment has been confirmed, there has been no communication to the plaintiff regarding when, how, or how the information will be disclosed. He pointed out, “This is a very insincere attitude,” and added, “Considering that the data submitted by the defendant (Minister of Justice) for private viewing and review during the trial was only the size of one document envelope, it was time consuming (to disclose the data). “There is absolutely no reason to cause trouble,” he said, urging the information to be disclosed immediately.

However, so far (as of September 25), Minister Han Dong-hoon has not disclosed the details of his business trip expenses to the United States. In response to this, lawyer Ha Seung-soo said, “Even though the judgment was confirmed and the contents certification was sent. I think this is the first time there has been no contact at all. Minister Han Dong-hoon said, “I doubt whether he considers himself to be above the law.” 

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