‘I’m coming!’ Sancho’s revenge!….Changed ‘Prosa’ to Dortmund, ‘Friendly Team’

Jadon Sancho, who is about to return to his former team Borussia Dortmund, changed his SNS profile picture to a picture wearing a Dortmund uniform.

England’s The Sun said on the 11th (Korea time), “Sancho appeared on SNS wearing a Dortmund uniform four months after experiencing a failure of 73 million pounds (about 122.7 billion won) at Manchester United.”

According to the media, Sancho resumed his social media activities about four months after the last post. He changed his profile picture for the first time after feuding with Manchester United manager Erik Turnhach and deactivating it. Just before the transfer, he posted a picture of himself wearing the uniform of his former team Dortmund, revealing that he was completely open to Manchester United.

“Sancho started his career on social media a few hours before moving to Dortmund. Sancho changed his profile picture to a photo of his legs wearing Dortmund’s bottoms. Sancho deactivated his social media account after Turnhach expelled him from the first team,” he explained.

Sancho caused a number of problems at Manchester United. He joined Manchester United for a reported fee of 73 million pounds from Dortmund, but his performance was not good enough.

He also had friction with Turnhach. The incident started in a match against Arsenal in early September last year. When asked why he excluded Sancho from the list in an interview after the defeat against Arsenal, Turnhach replied that it was because Sancho did not show satisfactory performance at the training site.

Sancho reacted sharply to this, which became a problem. Sancho, who heard about Turnhach’s interview, openly shot Turnhach through his SNS.

At the time, Sancho posted a message saying, “I can’t accept people saying untrue things. I have long been a scapegoat in my team,” before registering it as a fixed post at the top of his “X” (old Twitter). A player protested against the coach during the season. 헤라카지노도메인

However, public opinion was on Turnhach’s side. This is because everyone knew how hard Turnhach had made efforts to help Sancho make a comeback. Turnhach connected his acquaintances so that Sancho could receive psychological treatment and training in the Netherlands during the World Cup in Qatar. Even after the season resumed, Turnhach waited until Sancho fully recovered. However, despite Turnhach’s efforts, Sancho failed to revive. This was the reason why public opinion leaned on Turnhach.

As the tense situation continued, Turnhach tried to solve the problem through dialogue with Sancho, but it was reported that Sancho refused. At this time, Sancho deactivated his SNS and revealed that he was uncomfortable.

Manchester United’s teammates, who were trying to persuade Sancho, were also tired of Sancho’s attitude, and some fans began to say that Sancho, which harms the team’s atmosphere, should be disposed of as soon as possible.

Manchester United banned Sancho from using first-team training facilities. Sancho is said to have been unable to use all facilities at Carrington Training Center, Manchester United’s first-team training ground, and to have meals with academy players.

There was no chance for a player who stood up. Sancho had not played a single game since the end of August. As time passed, the winter transfer window period approached, and Sancho was close to moving to Dortmund after pursuing a return to Dortmund to leave Manchester United.

Fabrizio Romano, a European football transfer market reporter, said, “Sancho is going to Dortmund. A loan agreement has been signed between Manchester United and Dortmund. It does not include the option of full recruitment,” adding the unique phrase “here we go” used when the transfer is definitive.

“Sancho will move to take medical tests later in the day. Dortmund will pay part of Sancho’s annual salary and rent,” he explained the terms of the contract.

Sancho also admitted to Romano’s social media post by pressing “like” and getting close to the transfer.

Global sports outlet The Athletic also said, “Sancho’s return to Dortmund is close. Dortmund expect Sancho to arrive in Germany on Wednesday ahead of his loan move. Sancho is currently almost done with his return to Dortmund, leaving only final paperwork for a loan deal that does not include options for purchase.”

The media added, “The rental fee is at least 3.5 million pounds (about 5.8 billion won). Dortmund will pay part of Sancho’s salary. Manchester United is likely to receive a bonus for performance.”

In the meantime, Sancho resumed his activities after four months of social media deactivation, showing the joy of escaping Manchester United with his whole body.

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