It is up to the female players to advance to the postseason

The final fireworks competition is underway to advance to the professional baseball postseason,

The performance of female players is expected to determine whether the team will advance to the postseason.

Reporter Kim Dong-min organized great shots of female players as much as male players.

Blue One, the defending champion who was sluggish at the beginning of the season.

Thron finishes the game with a push bounding shot.

The team’s chances of joining the postseason have also increased as the sluggish Throne has survived.

Hana Card’s Kim Ga-young is also playing the ace.

After avoiding the collision with exquisite timing, he scored with a four-cushion.

With accurate thickness and power control, he scored four consecutive points,

In a one-point tie, the team wins by finishing with a three-bank.

At Welcome Savings Bank, Kim Ye-eun is active with six wins.

A total of five teams will participate in the postseason to determine the team league champions.

In addition to the round winners NH Nonghyup Card, SY, and Crown Haitai, the other two teams will be determined according to the final five-round rankings that end this Sunday.

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