“I’m going to play in the final with Minjae.” …Clinsman is confident despite the monster’s departure from cumulative disciplinary action

Even if Kim Min-jae was missing, the players in the back were confident. I plan to play together until the final.

South Korea, led by head coach Jürgen Klinsmann, came from behind to beat Australia 2-1 in the quarterfinals of the 2023 Asian Cup in Qatar at 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 2 at Al-Zanub Stadium in Al-Wakra, Qatar. South Korea, which won dramatically again, will meet Jordan in the semifinals after defeating Tajikistan.

There was also bleeding in the dramatic victory. Kim Min-jae cannot come out due to accumulated warnings. In the extra time of the second half, Kim Min-jae was warned. Jordan Bose, who was tackled by Kim Min-jae, fell and held the ball with his hand and refused to give it away. Kim Min-jae quickly took the ball away. However, when the referee saw this, he took out a warning. In the meantime, Korea had no accumulated number of people who received warnings, but Kim Min-jae was included.

Defense without Kim Min-jae is unstable. Without Kim Min-jae, who is not behind in any way, Korea will have difficulty in attacking as fast as it did in the group league. Kim Young-kwon and Jung Seung-hyun are also tired. In the meantime, Coach Klinsmann unconditionally added Kim Min-jae and replaced the other one. It is hard to imagine a defense combination without Kim Min-jae, and he has no experience in hitting the ground, but he has to play in the big stage of the semifinals. 월카지노

Klinsmann expressed concern. When he talked about Kim at a press conference after the game, he said, “It’s unfortunate. It’s also sad. Kim Min-jae himself is probably the most sad. He is playing well in the back, but it is a shame for the team, but there is an alternative. If I say it right away, he will come out because of Jung Seung-hyun, and there may be an anomaly in using Park Jin-seop as a defensive midfielder. It can be back three. I’ll think about it. I think it’s very unfortunate for the player himself and the team that Kim Min-jae can’t play.”

Players said they are confident even if Kim Min-jae is absent. “Kim Min-jae is the core of our team. It’s a shame that we don’t have him, but all the players who are preparing behind us are equally important. They are players who can be nice to us. Our team does not depend on anyone. We will prepare well together so that he can win without a gap,” Seol said in an interview with Mix Zone.

Cho Hyun-woo said, “It’s a shame that we don’t have Kim Min-jae, but we are full of great players. I don’t worry. Kim Min-jae will play in the final when we win the semifinals. We will do our best one by one.” He said he would go to the final and play with Kim Min-jae.

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