Indifference that is scarier than criticism covers the KBO League

Did I say indifference is more frightening than criticism?

On the 14th, the Korean national baseball team, which participated in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), returned ‘quietly’.먹튀검증 However, it is said that the return site itself was quite ‘chilled’. Some reporters went to and from Incheon International Airport, but few baseball fans greeted the team. In the case of the soccer World Cup, there were some fans who threw eggs or candy and held the players accountable when the national team played poorly, but in the case of baseball, there was no such thing at all. It symbolically showed how the bare face of Korean ‘professional baseball’ revealed through the WBC had an effect on fans.

Baseball fans who have already turned their backs,
there is a long way to go to bring them back.

These results were largely caused by the national team itself. The selection of players, the strategy, and the skills of each individual did not go as planned. In this situation, starting with the goal of reaching the ‘4th round’ was only a promise that was ahead of words. Australia, considered one step below, was playing baseball faithful to the basics, and in a match against Japan, where the difference in power was wide objectively and subjectively, it failed to use its strength and showed a defeat close to a cold game. that is the reality

The bigger problem is then. Although the WBC finished in third place, this is because this influence has no choice but to affect the KBO league as it is. It is not surprising at all if the cumulative number of spectators declines compared to last year, and if these results accumulate, the demand for ‘professional baseball game broadcasting’ will decrease, and interest will inevitably be lost. If this situation is repeated, companies that are no longer attracted to running a professional baseball team may appear one after another. It can be said that the leap is big, but it is a scenario that can be ‘considered’ enough.

In the end, in order to bring back baseball fans who have turned their backs, the players must do well. It’s not about ‘just doing well’, it’s about playing faithfully to the basics. The declining quality of professional baseball is not a different story. This means that the number of games that are absurdly given out due to absurd errors and pitches increases. In other words, pros playing unprofessionally is a ‘deterioration in the quality of professional baseball’.

The KBO league has already experienced the worst slump. It was a time when there were games where the number of effective spectators was less than a thousand. However, he managed to make use of that experience through ‘play faithful to the basics’ and propaganda in international competitions such as the 2006 WBC, 2008 Beijing Olympics, and 2009 WBC. Unfortunately, the current situation leads to a situation similar to that of 20 years ago, when the ‘KBO league was in a recession’. And since everyone knows the solution, ‘awakening’ is necessary.

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