Turner, who was hit in the face and had 16 stitches, made a quick comeback… “I was lucky”

Justin Turner (Boston Red Sox), who suffered a dizzying accident after being hit in the face during an exhibition game, made a quick comeback.

Turner fell to the ground after being hit in the face by Matt Manning’s pitch during an exhibition game against the Detroit Tigers on the 6th (Korean time). He exited the arena intact and received 16 stitches to his face.

And that day, I returned to the clubhouse again.토토사이트 He suffered major injuries from a blow to the face, but he made a quick comeback and surprised. He did not appear to be seriously injured, but there were bruises and cuts below his left eye and a small cut above his lip.

“The medical team was going to shave my beard for treatment,” Turner said. But one of his nurses suggested he just trim his mustache. It was a very thankful thing,” he joked to reporters.

He continued, “Are you surprised? I was just as surprised as you. I think I was really lucky this time. I am very fortunate that I was not seriously injured.”

Director Alex Cora said, “You can do it slowly. There is still plenty of time. It is hopeful that Turner will be with us, and we will strive for that.”

Currently, Turner has played catch and practiced his swing, so it is very likely that he will participate in the opening game. Turner is expected to move back and forth between backup first baseman and designated hitter.

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