Inter Miami signing ceremony… ‘Messi reception’ that even the storm couldn’t stop

Even the storm couldn’t stop the enthusiasm of American soccer fans토토사이트

Football star Lionel Messi’s inauguration ceremony was delayed for two hours due to heavy rain, but fans did not leave the stands.

This is reporter Jung Yun-cheol’s report.

Soccer fans visited Inter Miami’s home stadium to watch Messi’s inauguration ceremony.

Suddenly, the sky becomes overcast and heavy rain pours down. 

Strong winds blew and even thunder hit, but fans waited for Messi until the end.

[Steve Alvarez / Messi fan]
“It was a great choice for Messi to come to Florida. I’m happy that Messi came to where I live.”

When the rain subsided, the stands were filled with 18,000 fans.

After the event was delayed for two hours, Messi finally showed up.

“The world’s number 10 Lionel Messi!”

Messi’s annual salary contracted until 2025 is known to be around 76 billion won.

Messi first hugged Miami’s co-owner, British soccer star Beckham,

then smiled broadly while holding up his pink jersey.

[Lionel Messi / Inter Miami]
“I think good things will happen if I enjoy the game with the fans. Thank you.”

Previously, Messi’s appearance was captured at a local supermarket and became a hot topic.

The sight of her shopping with her family in her flip-flops and shorts caught my eye.

The mesh effect is already beyond expectations.

According to Spanish media reports, tickets to the match expected to be Messi’s debut this weekend have soared to as high as 12 million won.

Fans are counting on Messi to transform Miami, the bottom of the 15 teams in the East, into a strong team.

This is Channel A News Jung Yoon-cheol.

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