It sounds ‘trillion’ instead of ‘billion’…’Monster’ income is also ‘monster’ 1.63 trillion won → Samsung is also a 3.2 billion annual ‘sponsor’ → Holland has become a ‘moving company’

English Premier League Manchester City’s Elling Holland is said to be a walking fortune. Reports have emerged that he will earn a whopping £1 billion ($163 billion).

Holland will “become the first soccer player to earn £1 billion,” The Sun reported on Friday. Rafaela Pimenta, Holland’s agent, confirmed the news.

Pimenta, Holland’s agent. /Pimenta Social Media

According to Pimenta, Holland’s earnings include a salary from City and sponsorships from numerous brands. Holland earns £865,000 per week from City. That’s less than £400,000 a week, but he earns it through goals, win bonuses, and more.

However, Pimenta insists that this is only a fraction of her income. What she reveals is truly ‘bizarre’. Or should we say, trillion.

Pimenta is convinced that Holland will probably become the first soccer player to earn £1 billion from her brand alone. “I’m not saying the transfer fee will reach that amount,” Pimenta told the British press. I’m talking about the whole package that Holland creates throughout his career,” he emphasized. In fact, the transfer fee is meaningless because it’s not Holland’s income.

Pimenta estimates that Holland could play until the age of 35, and that includes salary, transfer fees, broadcast income, sponsors, ticket sales, jerseys, etc. Unsurprisingly, Pimenta believes it will exceed £1 billion.

Pimenta started with the revenue from video games. “The revenue from the gaming industry is huge. “In the Metaverse, we’re selling digital sterling. We can sell it to 100 million people in India, China, Brazil, and Mexico for €2,000.” “Maybe one day we will reach a moment where we can put on glasses and experience a soccer game. It will evoke the same emotions as if you were on the field,” he emphasized.

Pimenta continued, “With virtual experiences, you can actually experience 3D. “So we can sell the football experience not only to broadcasters, but also to individuals who can’t afford or can’t find a ticket to the Bernabeu or the Etihad,” he said. “They can experience the game (in the metaverse) as if they were there. That’s why I say £1 billion.” 캡틴토토 도메인

Pimenta continued: “I like the story of Holland and sponsorship. His family communicates clearly,” Pimenta continued, “I’ve never heard anything negative from him.” At 23 years old, Holland is very mature, deep, and calm, Pimenta said.

In addition to his salary, Holland’s earnings, as revealed by The Sun, are staggering. For starters, Samsung Norway paid Holland £2 million a year in 2021 to use Samsung Galaxy phones and watches. Of course, it’s not known if that deal is still in place today.

Also last year, a Swiss high-end watch company snapped up Holland. Holland gets the same A-list treatment as Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, and Adam Driver. He’s paid around £1 million to be an ambassador.

Holland is also sponsored by a product that helps him recover from post-race fatigue. He uses a machine from Normatech that uses compressed air to relieve leg fatigue. They look like pants. Not only is Holland an ambassador for the company, but he now owns a stake in it.

Holland has become an ambassador for his home country’s streaming service, Viaplay. The company also holds the Premier League rights in Norway, so the income from that is huge. Adding it all up, Pimenta emphasized that the company could earn more than £1 billion.

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