It was unified with ‘Man age’… If you don’t know this, you’ll be ‘failed’

From the 28th, it was unified as ‘only age’. However토토사이트, there are still things that are confused by age and situation.

We’ll clean it up.

– Voting, acquisition of driver’s license, part-time job, work age, watching movies prohibited for youth (18 years old or older) –

Working holiday application possible (18-30 years old)

– Military enlistment, 9th grade civil servant application possible (18 years old) or above)

-Entrance to elementary school (Entrance from March of the year after turning 6 years old, age 7 years old) -Purchasing

alcohol and cigarettes (over 19 years old)

Then, what should the 70th birthday party be like? This is a custom in the private realm, so you can take care of it.

Also, even if you are a classmate, the relationship between older brother, younger sister, older sister, and older sister can suddenly become ambiguous. Is it necessary to use different titles among friends?

If you get used to using man age, the hierarchy culture that strictly considers age difference of one or two years will gradually disappear

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