Pedestrian crossing ‘shade parking’… Report it even if it stands for 1 minute

Recently, a picture of a white SUV standing under a shade in front of a crosswalk메이저놀이터 was posted on an online community, incurring resentment from netizens. In the photo, pedestrians waiting at the crosswalk are standing in the sunlight because of the vehicles occupying the shade.

Author A, who published the photo, said, “It was so hot that I was sweating even if I was standing still.”

Such nuisance parking in the shade is witnessed not only in the story of Mr. A, but also all over the country. Netizens who came across this through various communities and social networking services ( SNS ) criticized unconceptual car owners who prioritized their vehicles over people and wanted reasonable punishment.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security and the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission established a policy to expand and strengthen the ‘illegal parking residents reporting system’ and decided to include India in the absolute no-parking zone from July 1st.Previously, there were five areas where absolute parking was prohibited: within 5m of a fire hydrant, crosswalk, child protection area, within 5m of an intersection corner, and within 10m of a bus stop.If the illegal parking resident report system is improved from next month, illegal parking anywhere in the country can now be reported to the safety report.A fine of at least 40,000 won to 120,000 won will be imposed for parking in an absolute no-parking zone.Vehicles parked on sidewalks for more than one minute can be immediately reported, and fines are imposed without on-site enforcement by public officials. However, for the establishment and publicity of the system, a guidance period is operated for one month in July.

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