Itaewon bereaved family “I feel the pain of that day again today”… Lee Sang-min’s impeachment dismissal

“The judiciary is dead. We feel the pain we felt on October 29th of last year again today온라인바카라.”

On the 25th, when the Constitutional Court dismissed the National Assembly’s request for impeachment against Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Sang-min, the bereaved families of the ‘Itaewon Tragedy’ shed tears once again. ‘order. Immediately after the verdict of Constitutional Court Chief Yoo Nam-seok, “The request for judgment in this case is dismissed,” a heavy silence fell in the audience. The bereaved families who filled the audience left the judges’ court with shocked faces, and some could not leave their seats for a while because they were wiping away tears.

The Citizens’ Countermeasures Committee for the Itaewon Disaster held a press conference in front of the Constitutional Court in Jongno-gu, Seoul, right after the Constitutional Court dismissed the ruling, and criticized, “Minister Lee Sang-min, who did not show responsibility for the tragedy in which 159 victims occurred, was given an indulgence.” 

Lee Jung-min, the father of the late Lee Ju-yeong, said, “It is disastrous. The head of the administration was exonerated (by the decision of the Constitutional Court),” he said. “Now, they will not be held accountable for any wrongdoing.”

During the press conference, a member of a far-right group broke in and said, “The Itaewon disaster was caused by North Korea,” causing a clash with the bereaved family. Right next to him, Kim Sang-jin, representative of the New Freedom Solidarity, poured out remarks of secondary abuse toward the bereaved family, saying, “It is a very good day.” Three members of the bereaved family were injured in a clash with a conservative group, and one of them fell unconscious and was taken to the hospital.

At the press conference, which resumed after being suspended for about 40 minutes, CEO Lee Jung-min said, “There are many people who mock the victims like this. If we do not punish the wrong state power, these people will continue to appear,” he added. Choi Seon-mi, the mother of the late Park Ga-young, said, “I express my condolences to the judiciary who died today. “There is no law that will protect the people,” she said. “I will definitely make a special law,” she said. 

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