Jeju fire station with helicopters at risk… Dramatic structure of pregnant woman and fetus

A pregnant woman in her 30s in Jeju Island, who went바카라 into premature labor, was in danger due to the lack of neonatal intensive care units in the province, but was dramatically rescued.

Even when a heavy rain advisory was in effect in Jeju at the time, the Jeju Fire Department, which boldly launched a firefighting helicopter and urgently transported pregnant women, was effective.

According to the Jeju Fire Safety Headquarters on the 27th, at around 9:30 am on the 25th, my aunt (34), who was 34 weeks pregnant, went to the emergency room at Jeju National University Hospital complaining of abdominal pain.

However, all the beds in the neonatal intensive care unit at 15 hospitals in the province were full, and there were many mothers on standby, making it difficult to receive treatment in the province.

Accordingly, the 119th Air Corps of the Jeju Fire Headquarters decided to fly the couple on a firefighting helicopter ‘Hallamae’ and fly about 330 km to Chonbuk National University Hospital, where the remaining beds are located.

The inside of Hallamae was full of helicopter noise, making communication difficult. The firefighters reassured the mother by informing her of the remaining flight time using a sketchbook.

Hallamae flew for 1 hour and 20 minutes and arrived safely at Chonbuk National University Hospital. Ko is resting in the hospital and awaiting his natural delivery.

“It was an emergency situation as the mother’s health deteriorated due to her premature birth and her child weighed only 1.85 kg,” said a fire official. “Fortunately, both the mother and her child recovered her health.”

Mr. Goh’s husband said, “Our kkangchong (Tae Myung) was a child who was hard-earned through the test tube for 3 years.” He was very impressed with the response of the firefighters, and he is very grateful.”

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