Oh Eun-young, directly explaining the ‘responsibility theory’ of the fall of teaching authority “The gold side is the solution…” 

■ Moderator: Ahn Bo-ra Anchor
■ Starring: Jeong Seon-ah, Professor, Department of Child Welfare, Sookmyung Women’s University

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◇Anchor> Dr. Seo Chun-seok, a psychiatrist, pointed out the program in writing. Although the article has been deleted now, it is pointed out that the program creates such an illusion as if problem behaviors are corrected with only a few counseling and discipline. How did you see this comment?

◆Jeong Seon-ah> I think it makes sense, because the nature of the program inevitably requires us to show results in a short period of time, so it seems like counseling or discipline can be used to guide children, but in fact, there are children who take a lot of time. I will. Dr. Seo’s words are very reasonable, and it seems that there are more cases where such children need more professional treatment. However, I think that the characteristics of the panacea program, which says that this is a guide only with simple discipline, may need to be improved a little.

◇Anchor> In fact, there will be many ways to discipline experts in the field. In addition to these methods, there are actually other methods of discipline, such as asking and looking into the mind of a child who usually appears in the program, finding the cause, and presenting a solution. I saw that you pointed out the expression that there seems to be an expression. However, controversy arose as the fire broke out with Dr. Oh Eun-young’s discipline method, and Dr. Oh Eun-young also announced her position through some media interviews. He explained that it was not about raising children, it was a program that talked about parenting directions, and that it also guides appropriate treatment if some medication or hospitalization is required. At the same time, you emphasized that discipline and corporal punishment must be distinguished. What is your position on this?

◆Jeong Seon-ah> I fully agree with Dr. Oh’s opinion on that point, and the fact that we discipline means that children can judge their own mistakes and develop the power to improve their behavior. There is a bit of a problem with teaching by directing and then going further to corporal punishment and saying that the child will stop doing that. So we must clearly distinguish between corporal punishment and discipline, and corporal punishment is a type of punishment, not discipline. So, it seems right that corporal punishment should not be used, but some children who have difficulties are actually not within the limits that teachers can guide. In such a case, I think it is an important part of this situation that you should definitely get help from an expert.

◇Anchor> There was also this point. In this program, it is practically one-on-one care. However, when teachers deal with students in the classroom, it is virtually impossible to be one-on-one, and each teacher has to deal with dozens of students in the number of students, and this method of discipline needs to be different. Some pointed out that there is a problem with too consistent discipline.

◆Jeong Seon-ah> First of all, the fact that the teacher-student ratio needs to be lowered is something we will look into again. And the fact that teachers are responsible for everything in the classroom seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding. Haven’t we made a long-standing declaration that the state will be responsible for raising children? So, I think there are also parents who think that you are responsible for everything. So we must educate together. Teachers do not know how a child should grow, and information at home is needed again, and a council is now needed to discuss how to help this child grow well in cooperation, and parents’ I think that it is a time when the responsibility of education needs to be emphasized a bit.

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