Jeong Yoo-ra, “None of the elite equestrian athletes my age know about Nam Hyun-hee’s husband-to-be.”

As controversy continues over the identity of Jeon Cheong-jo, the groom-to-be who announced his marriage to former national fencing team member Nam Hyun-hee, Jeong Yu-ra, a former national equestrian team member, revealed that she does not know Jeon.

Jeong Yu-ra, the daughter of Choi Seo-won (formerly Choi Soon-sil), said about Jeon’s background on her Facebook page, “If I had known that New York University had an equestrian department and that the cutoff line was that low, I would have gone to New York University too.” He expressed a somewhat absurd position.

She continued, “I envy him because he came out of horse racing and livestock school, became an equestrian athlete, won a prize on his own without anyone knowing, and went to a foreign university alone,” adding, “He was the same age as me, but none of the elite athletes my스포츠토토 age know Jeon Cheongjo.”

At the same time, Mr. Jeong expressed his doubts, saying, “I, who was first in the rankings in 2014 and ranked first throughout my senior year of high school except once or twice, could only go to Ewha Womans University, so how did I get into New York University?”

In another subsequent post, he said, “There is no such thing as a horse riding major in the first place. “Elite athletes are excluded from the physical education department and there is a separate horse management department. Just as there is no ski department or figure skating department, there is no equestrian department,” he explained repeatedly. . He also argued, “The Korean Players Association and the American Players Association are divided, so it is nonsense to enter an American university with Korean grades.”

Previously, Mr. Jeon, known as Nam Hyun-hee’s remarried partner, said in an interview with a women’s magazine that he majored in horseback riding in New York and won many competitions as an equestrian athlete, but retired after suffering an injury. In relation to this, Park Seo-young, president of the Korea Equestrian Association, said on her Instagram on the 24th, “The Korea Equestrian Association cannot confirm whether a celebrity who recently appeared in the news due to marriage rumors was actually an equestrian athlete.”

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