‘Julie Spelling Ana’ Prosecutor Jin Hye-won posted on social media indicted without detention

On the 29th, the Seoul Western District Prosecutor’s토토사이트Office 1st Criminal Division (Chief Prosecutor Kim Sang-hyun) indicted Jin Hye-won, Busan District Prosecutor’s Office (48, Judicial Research and Training Institute, 34th class) without detention on the 27th for posting a post on Facebook mocking the wife of President Yoon Seok-yeol, Mrs. Kim Gun-hee. revealed

According to the prosecution, Prosecutor Jin posted a past photo of Mrs. Kim on Facebook in September of last year, along with a post titled, “Where is the time for Julie?” She added, “I don’t know if you know Julie Spelling. I read that she was prosecuted for attaching words that didn’t even come out (an entertainment bar), but I think it’s because she didn’t join Julie.” .

On May 2, Prosecutor General Lee Won-seok requested disciplinary action against Prosecutor Jin from the Ministry of Justice.

Prosecutor Jin was suspended for one month by the Prosecutors’ Disciplinary Committee of the Ministry of Justice in March last year for causing secondary harm to victims of sexual harassment by former Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon.

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