“Joo Ho-min, in the end, had a negative impact on the future of special children”… medical advice

Webtoon writer Joo Ho-min sued a special teacher who was in charge of his autistic son for child abuse. There seems to be no mistake,” pointed out from the medical community토토사이트.

On the 28th, former chairman of the Korean Medical Association, Noh Hwan-gyu, criticized this on Facebook, saying, “There are parts of Mr. Joo’s behavior that are understandable as a parent.”

Regarding Joo putting the recorder in his son’s bag, Roh predicted, “All teachers who will be in charge of Mr. Joo’s son in the future will always think and act that Mr. Ju’s son will have a recorder.”

He then predicted, “Due to the complaint of skipping the interview, the teachers in charge of special children will feel a sense of sympathy for the teacher who was accused this time and will think of it as my job.”

He added, “Teachers are also professionals, but teachers for special children are professionals with deeper expertise.”

Previously, Mr. A, a special education teacher at an elementary school in Yongin City, Gyeonggi Province, was reported by Mr. Joo on charges of child abuse in September of last year and is currently on trial. According to the case report released by Mr. A’s fellow teachers, Mr. A was sued by Mr. Ju in the process of pointing out or restraining Mr. B’s son’s actions.

Mr. A said in the police report, “You can’t go to class”, “You can’t even see your friends’ faces”, “Do you know why you can’t go?” etc. She repeatedly stated that there was a fact that she spoke in a resolute tone. However, he argued that this was not an intention to abuse Group B, but an action to prevent secondary damage caused by school violence by somehow preventing students from leaving school without permission.

At the same time, he emphasized, “I only wanted to emphasize that the same thing would not happen to Group B again, and I swear that I never intended to abuse Group B emotionally.”

Regarding this, Mr. Joo said, “Since the relevant case is currently under trial, please wait until the trial results come out to determine whether the teacher’s actions were legitimate discipline or abuse of a child with developmental disabilities.”

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