KIA, who pulled Lee Eui-ri to the mound, if successful, one-two-two wins…variable is mental management

KIA Targaz changed the starting rotation order. Attention is focusing on whether the variable can be made into a favorable factor. 

KIA predicted Eui-ri Lee as a starting pitcher in the first match of this season against KT Wiz in the 2023 KBO League, which will be held at the home stadium Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 30th. 

KIA is digesting a five-person starting rotation in the order of Yang Hyeon-jong, Sean Anderson, Yoon Young-cheol, Lee Eui-ri, and Adonis Medina. Since Anderson threw against the LG Twins on the 28th, it is correct that Yoon Young-chul should step up in the first game of the KT 3-game series on the 30th. 

However, KIA coach Kim Jong-guk pulled Lee Eui-ri from the mound for one day. There is a reason. Eui-ri Lee came down the mound after throwing only 22 balls in the Daejeon expedition against the Hanwha Eagles, which took the mound on the 25th. At the end of the second inning, a four-seam fastball (fastball) thrown at opposing batter Kim In-hwan from first base safely hit his helmet. Eui-ri Lee was sent off immediately according to the headshot rule. 

Lee Eui-ri bowed her head toward Kim In-hwan and the Hanwha coaching staff. Fortunately, Kim In-hwan, who went to the hospital for dizziness, did not receive any other abnormal findings as a result of the CT scan. 

The KIA coaching staff took into consideration the fact that Eui-ri Lee had a small number of pitches (22), and decided to put him in the first game a day earlier, rather than the second game of KT on the 31st, which was originally scheduled to appear. 

Eui-ri Lee, who debuted in the 2021 season, digested the schedule of starting the mound after a “4-day break” seven times in total. His earned run average (3.58) wasn’t bad either. 

The problem is the aftereffects of the glomerulus. Lee Eui-ri was sent off for the first time in his debut against Hanwha on the 25th due to the headshot rule. He couldn’t hide his embarrassment the moment his ball hit the batter’s helmet. For Eui-ri Lee, the pitching point against KT on the 30th is mental management, not pitching intervals.먹튀검증

For this reason, Yoon Young-cheol avoided the mound after the ‘four-day break’. The KIA coaching staff tends to thoroughly manage the number of pitches and rest for Yun Young-cheol, who is still a rookie. However, he cannot break the routine of other starting pitchers. Yoon Young-cheol also needed to experience the schedule of pitching twice a week. 

In this situation, there was a variable that Eui-ri Lee came down the mound after 22 pitches. Aside from Lee Eui-ri’s pitching, Yoon Young-cheol was relieved of the burden. 

However, Yoon Young-cheol cannot be certain how taking an extra day of rest will work. He posted an ERA of 1.37 in 4 games after a 5-day break, and an ERA of 3.27 in 2 games with intervals of more than 6 days. 

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