“Kim Yeon-kyung, don’t commentate on volleyball”… Lee Jae-young’s fan club goes on a truck protest

While sisters Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young, who were virtually kicked토토사이트 out of the domestic stage due to the school violence controversy, continue to expose volleyball player Kim Yeon-kyung, who played on the same team, Lee Jae-young’s fan club held a protest against Kim Yeon-kyung’s commentary for the Asian Games.

According to domestic media and Lee Jae-young’s official fan club ‘Jaeyoung Time’ on the 28th, Jaeyoung Time reportedly held a truck protest in front of the KBS new building in Yeouido, Seoul and around the National Assembly building on the 27th. Kim Yeon-kyung, who retired from the national team after the Tokyo Olympics, plans to serve as a KBS commentator at the Asian Games.

Jaeyoung Lee’s fan club, Jaeyoung Time, said, ” KBS appointed Kim Yeon-kyung as a commentator for women’s volleyball and has continued to promote this fact. As fans of Korean volleyball, we at Jaeyoung Time would like to voice our anger at this senseless and unscrupulous decision.” announced its position.

He continued, “Kim Yeon-kyung is a party to whom many very serious suspicions have been raised, including bullying, abuse of power, and sexual harassment in the workplace, and it is deplorable that there has been no investigation or coverage of her to date. Does it make sense for her to appear as a commentator without explanation?” He raised his voice, saying, “It is unacceptable. No matter how great the player’s achievements are, if there was any wrongdoing, it must be thoroughly investigated and appropriate responsibility must be taken.”

They went on to say that they hope that many people will take interest in this and spread the word about it, adding, “We would like to inform you that today’s truck protest was promoted by the emergency committee because we believed that it was necessary not only for social justice but also for the honor of Jaeyoung.”

Kim Yeon-kyung, Lee Jae-young, and Lee Da-young played together at Heungkuk Life Insurance in the 2020-2021 season. Meanwhile, Jae-young Lee and Lee Da-young were released from Heungkuk Life Insurance amid rumors of team discord and controversy over the twins’ school violence. In response to this, Kim Yeon-kyung’s agency said on the 16th, “We plan to take strong action against press releases and YouTubers that were written and distributed maliciously against Kim Yeon-kyung,” and “There will be no leniency or agreement under any circumstances.”

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