Kyunghee University coach Kim Hyeon-guk, who has suffered from ‘first win of the season’, what are his future plans?

Kyunghee University won its first win of the season in 5 games. Director Kim Hyeon-guk shook off the troubles of the past and pledged a new start.

Kyung Hee University, led by head coach Kim Hyun-guk, won its first win of the season, 82-63, in a home game against Sangmyung University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Kyunghee University International Campus Seon Seung-gwan on the 6th.

Manager Kim Hyeon-guk, who we met after the game, said, “Today (6th), with the players before the game, ‘Let’s win this time and have a new start. I had to get up again,’ he said. All players showed a will to win. The 4th graders were able to survive and win,” he left his impression of the game.

He continued, “I couldn’t play my role until the last game in my fourth year. Still, I ordered them to play comfortably. In particular, the dedicated play that came out during practice was highly praised. I wanted the whole team to stand up from the dedication of the 4th graders. In particular, Hwang Young-chan played an active part in both defense and attack. He motivates other players,” he said.

This year, Kyung Hee University suffered a major power loss. This is because last year’s best 5 members left the team en masse due to graduation (Park Min-chae, Jo Seung-won, Lee Sa-seong) or early entry (In Seung-chan, Ko Chan-hyuk). Manager Kim Hyun-guk had to reassemble both the front and back lines in preparation for this season. In order to form a team with a high level of perfection, Kyung Hee University had a long field training session of 43 nights and 44 days at the beginning of this year.

In addition, coach Kim Hyun-guk responded to the power loss by recruiting substantial freshmen. Among them, attention was focused on smart guard Kim Seo-won and the only 200cm tall Kim Su-oh in the team. However, due to the unexpected departure of Suo Kim due to injury, manager Kim Hyun-guk hurriedly changed the plan.

Manager Kim Hyun-guk said, “In the previous game and today, we did not lose in the rebound fight. He said it was because the players had a strong will to grab (rebound). The problem is the absolute height. Even without (Kim) Suo, Ahn Se-joon has to do what he has to do. He didn’t show a good performance until the last game, but today (6th) he showed his expected appearance. The next opponent, Chung-Ang University, also has good height. There is one week left (until the game), so I will think about (direction),” Kim Soo-oh explained about the direction after leaving.

It was Kyung Hee University who started tempering earlier than other teams, but the result was below expectations.카지노 This is because they lost their first four league games in a row. As the defeats piled up, manager Kim Hyun-guk’s heartache increased.

Manager Kim Hyun-guk said, “It’s been a while since I’ve won 4 consecutive losses. The last 4 games have not been bad either. You missed out on games you could have won. He handed the game over to the opponent in the absence of a player to lead the team. It is true that I had a baby before the game today (6th). But I believe in the players. I wanted to let people know what a winning game is.” Looking back on the losing streak. He continued, “The players have won, so I hope they rise again. The college league is about growing acorns. How you finish is important. If you work hard, there will be good enough results,” he said, strengthening his will to advance to the playoffs.

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