Lateral pain from camp, Oh Ji-hwan this time… Home opener without LG shortstop

Since spring camp, side injuries have been spreading like an epidemic. At the end of the camp, Austin Dean and Lee Jae-won were unable to compete due to side discomfort, but Lee Jae-won re-injured his side, and now even Oh Ji-hwan felt discomfort in his side. It is LG without a shortstop in the lineup for the first game of the home opening game.

LG played Hong Chang-ki (designated hitter) – Moon Seong-joo (right fielder) – Kim Hyun-soo (left fielder) – Austin (1st baseman) – Moon Bo-gyeong (3rd baseman) – Park Dong-won (catcher) – Kim Min-seong (shortstop) – Seo Geon-chang (2nd baseman) at the Samsung game in Jamsil on the 7th. ) to Park Hae-min (center fielder). The starting pitcher is Casey Kelly.

The most notable part is the shortstop position. Prior to the match, starting shortstop Oh Ji-hwan felt discomfort in his side during batting practice and decided to seek treatment at the hospital. As the condition of his side was not 100% even before the game the day before, he decided to leave the lineup and check his condition.

Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop of LG said, “Even when I said I was uncomfortable yesterday, I asked him to take a test, but he said it was okay. This time, I decided to undergo a test,” he said. “Today’s shortstop is Kim Min-seong, who played shortstop in Lotte. Even when he coached Heroes in the past, he never used Min-seong as a shortstop. But now, there is no shortstop, so Minseong has to go.”

The second shortstop that coach Yeom originally picked was Son Ho-young. However, Son Ho-young also withdrew due to an injury during the demonstration game. In addition to Son Ho-young, Kim Joo-seong is a shortstop resource, but Kim Joo-seong was excluded from the entry on the 5th. To make matters worse, he received a minor injury and is said to be in a situation where he cannot fight right away.

Manager Yeom said,먹튀검증 “We need to see Ji-hwan’s results, but I think the second shortstop should be the player who recovers from an injury first. I don’t know if Hoyoung or Juseong will come first, but the player who is better between the two will come up and play shortstop,” he said. “Minseong’s trip to shortstop was not in the plan. Unless it’s a situation like today, I don’t want to use Minseong as a shortstop. Still, since Minseong is a player who is good at basic defense, I don’t think he will be shaken in today’s game.”

It is LG with a high possibility that April’s grades will be determined according to Oh Ji-hwan’s test results. Director Yeom also expressed regret at Oh Ji-hwan’s departure, saying, “Ji-hwan’s absence is a big blow to both Gong-soo-ju.” Oh Ji-hwan had a batting average of 0.300 (6 hits in 20 at-bats), 4 steals and 5 RBIs until the match against Gocheok Kiwoom on the 6th.

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