Lebron → Conley, a feast of veterans who shone in PIN [NBA]

From LeBron James (38) to Mike Conley (35), veteran players performed brilliantly.

On the 12th, the 2022-23 NBA Play-In Tournament top seed match was played, and the victorious LA Lakers (hereinafter referred to as Lakers) and Atlanta Hawks (hereinafter referred to as Atlanta) won the 7th seed. The defeated Minnesota Timberwolves (hereinafter referred to as Minnesota) and Miami Heat (hereinafter referred to as Miami) will play one last game for the 8th seed.

Out of the four games played on this day, the players who stood out for each team were all veterans. The true value of the veterans stood out in the pressure of the play-in tournament.

■ Winning Team: LeBron, Coach Quinn Snyder

Lebron played a huge role enough to be selected as the number one contributor to the Lakers’ victory. His performance in offense, as well as his defensive moves that were not shown well in the regular season, showed off the dignity of a veteran.

LeBron played 45 minutes and 18 seconds in the game that day, scoring 30 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists, 1 steal and 2 blocks, with a field shooting success rate of 57.1% (12/21), three-point success rate of 50% (3/6), and free throw success rate of 100% (3/3). was active Above all, he recorded the most appearances, goals, and number of successful 3-pointers on the team. It was a perfect game except for 5 turnovers that came out of lack of concentration.

Coach Quinn Snyder made many playoff appearances with Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert and Conley while managing the Utah Jazz. He came to the mound as a firefighter for Atlanta, who had a sluggish performance this season, and succeeded in acquiring the 7th seed in the East with a rebound in the second half.

Coach Snyder succeeded in coexisting ball handlers, Trae Young and Dizonte Murray, while playing up-tempo basketball. He also actively took advantage of the bulk of the big men, including Clint Capella, John Collins, On Yekao Kongwu, and Jalen Johnson, who were not used last year. This was a dagger for Miami, which had a lot of troubles due to the absence of the fourth position, and led to overload of opponent center Bam Adebayo and ace Jimmy Butler.

Conley boasted a high-sensitivity shot that day, enough to be called ‘Stephen Conley’. He played for 43 minutes and 46 seconds, scoring 23 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals, with a field goal success rate of 64.6% (7/11), a 3-point shot success rate of 75% (6/8), and a free throw success rate of 100% (3/3).

In particular, Conley’s outer gun, which came out at every critical moment, was the biggest weapon that Minnesota, without three main players, could face the complete Lakers. In addition, Conley calmly took a 3-point shot with 1.4 seconds left and induced Anthony Davis’ foul. Conley, who scored all the free throws that followed, succeeded in leading the game into overtime.

Kyle Lowry showed a great performance despite the sluggishness of Butler and the overload of Adebayo. Along with Tyler Hiro,안전놀이터 he became Miami’s main scorer and recorded 33 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists, 68.8% (11/16) field shooting percentage, 66.7% (6/9) 3-point percentage, and 100% (5/5) free throw percentage. Without Lowry, the game would have turned into a garbage game long ago.

This season, Lowry has been sluggish enough to talk about weight problems and aging. But after accepting a bench appearance, Lowry changed into a completely different person. He’s become a much-needed player in Miami, adding defensive effort along with a stable reading.

On the other hand, the NBA will play a lower seed game in the play-in tournament today (13th). The Toronto Raptors and Chicago Bulls face off in the East, and the New Orleans Pelicans and Oklahoma City Thunder compete in the West.

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