Lee Jae-myeong “Jeong Jin-sang is close to me, so asking me to take responsibility is guilt by association… The claim about retirement funds is unreasonable.”

Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, once먹튀검증 again strongly denied the charges in court, saying he never met Daejang-dong business owners and asked them for favors or was involved in their business . Representative Lee once again denied the charges in court at the Seoul Central District Court today (20th). He appeared on the third trial for the Seongnam FC suspicion case and criticized the prosecution’s argument for over 30 minutes.

Representative Lee emphasized that although the indictment states that former Director Jeong Jin-sang of the Office of Political Affairs Coordination did what he did, the prosecution has not been able to provide any specific information about what he was conspiring or conspiring to do.

At the same time, he raised the level of criticism, saying that he believed that ‘you must take responsibility because you are close’ is a violation of the constitutional guilt by association system.

In response to the claim that he colluded with businessmen to raise funds for the presidential election, he asked if he did not spend money in the presidential election last year, and asked, ‘I changed my statement by saying that I would give it as retirement funds after becoming president. Does that make sense based on common sense?’ .

Previously, during the trial on the 17th, Representative Lee spent more than 30 minutes refuting the prosecution’s indictment point by point, calling it ‘sophistry’.

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