Lee Sun-kyun’s drug suspicions… The third generation of a chaebol who is also being investigated is Hwang Ha-na

It was reported on the 20th that the police were investigating안전놀이터 movie actor Lee Seon-kyun (48) and Hwang Hana (35), the granddaughter of the founder of Namyang Dairy Products, on suspicion of drug use. An internal investigation is a stage in which facts are identified to determine whether to initiate an investigation as there are circumstances that may lead to suspicion of a crime.

The Incheon Police Agency’s drug crime investigation unit announced on the 20th that it had detected evidence that a total of eight people, including Mr. Lee and Mr. Hwang, had taken drugs, and that some had been booked criminally and internal investigations were in progress for others. It is reported that Mr. Lee and Mr. Hwang are still in internal affairs.

The police suspect that Lee, Hwang, and others took drugs at entertainment establishments in Gangnam, Seoul, along with aspiring celebrities and entertainment industry officials. It is said that while tracking intelligence that drugs were being distributed in Gangnam entertainment establishments last month, they came across clues related to Mr. Lee and Mr. Hwang. It is known that Mr. A, an aspiring celebrity with a history of drug use, was also included in the internal investigation list.

During this process, the police also learned that Lee Seon-gyun had filed a complaint with the prosecution against one person who was subject to an internal investigation and another person whose name is unknown, on charges of blackmail. Lee’s agency, Hodu & U Entertainment, issued a statement on the same day, saying, “Lee Sun-kyun has been receiving continuous blackmail and threats from people related to the incident.” He continued, “We are confirming the exact facts of the suspicions raised,” and “We will faithfully participate in investigations by investigative agencies with a sincere attitude.” In fact, Mr. Lee is said to have claimed in his complaint, “I was threatened by two people and was robbed of about 300 million won.” The police believe that Mr. Lee suffered from blackmail and threats because his drug use was considered a weakness.

Hwang Hana is a person who has been involved in several controversies due to her drug use. She has often appeared in celebrity drug-related cases, including in 2019 when she was sentenced to probation for taking drugs with her ex-boyfriend, famous singer-turned-actor Park Yoo-chun. Mr. A, an aspiring celebrity, was also convicted several times on charges of using Philopon and served time in prison.

However, the police said, “It will take more time to confirm the specific charges.”

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