Lee Nak-yeon shed tears at Roh Moo-hyun’s grave / MB man Yu In-chon, as the President’s ‘cultural special report

 After the IAEA ‘s final report was released that
the plan to discharge contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant was not a problem, the ruling and opposition parties held a general assembly and discussed follow-up measures. The mood was different. While the power of the people emphasized the government’s efforts to subdue public unrest by strengthening the credibility of the report, the Democratic Party said that basically the IAEA was a nuclear power promotion organization, and that scientists who opposed the discharge of contaminated water did not participate in the report writing process. It was criticized for being difficult to trust because of poor verification. [Yoon Jae-ok / Representative of the People’s Power: Our government must do its part, such as continuing to closely monitor whether the government is doing as planned and how to respond to unexpected situations that do not go as planned.] [Lee Jae-myeong / Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea : No matter how good the wrapping paper is, dumping contaminated water from Fukushima in Japan is 100% an act of violating the national interest of the Republic of Korea. Discharge must be prevented as much as possible until safety is ensured.] People’s power criticized the opposition for having political intentions, and filed a complaint with the Democratic Party’s representative Lee Jae-myeong and others to the National Assembly’s Ethics Special Committee, claiming that they made harsh remarks regarding the discharge of contaminated water. . This is the reason why the power of the people called a British professor invited to a meeting on contaminated water at a nuclear power plant as a ‘quack’.

People’s Power also invited domestic nuclear experts to hold a discussion, and the main opinion was that the impact of the discharge of contaminated water in Japan on public health was negligible.

On the other hand, the Democratic Party raised the level of public opinion war and strengthened its offensive against the government and the ruling party.

We adopted a resolution demanding the Japanese government withdraw its plan to discharge contaminated water, but we

urged our government to file a complaint against Japan to the International Court of Law of the Sea.

Also, today, all lawmakers are going into an all-night sit-in for 2 days and 1 night.

[Kim Ki-hyun / Representative of People’s Power: The opposition party that says they do not believe the IAEA report, saying it is a report of ‘Dapjeong-neo’, opposes ‘Dap-jeong-neo’ and instigates ‘Dap-jeong-neo’… . It is clear that the purpose of the general election strategy to resign the government is hidden.]

[Park Kwang-on / Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea: Informing the public of the contents of this report and problems in detail, and working together with the opposition parties in the National Assembly, including the Justice Party… .]

In addition to this, the issue of resuming Fukushima seafood imports is also an issue.

As soon as the IAEA report came out, Japan began to press for the elimination of import restrictions.

The government decided not to import fishery products from Fukushima against the will of the people, and decided to conduct high-intensity inspections of origin.

Reporter Lee Seung-bae, please come see the report.

[Matsuno Hirokazu / Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary] (Yesterday): After the Great East Japan Earthquake, the elimination of import restrictions on Japanese food is a major task for the government, and we will continue to work in conjunction with related ministries.

] It was clearly drawn that the discharge safety review was a separate issue.

He reiterated that he would never import fishery products from Fukushima if the people did not tolerate it.

[Park Gu-yeon / 1st Deputy Director of the Office of Government Policy Coordination: It is scientifically confirmed that it is safe, and in addition, the government will never import it unless the people are emotionally ready to accept it… .]

It also announced plans to undertake an unprecedented high-intensity country of origin check for aquatic products over the next 100 days.

[Park Seong-hoon / Vice Minister of Oceans and Fisheries: We plan to mobilize the maximum available manpower, including the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, local governments, coast guards, and honor guards, and high-level punishment regulations will be applied without exception when violations are discovered.] [Anchor] The power of

people They urged the government to come up with countermeasures, saying they were concerned about damage to the fisheries industry due to shrinking consumption, and

the Democratic Party pressured them to make a law banning the import of all Japanese seafood products if Japan released contaminated water.

[Yoon Jae-ok / Representative of the People’s Power: If the people involved in the fishery industry, as well as the owners of raw fish restaurants, have suffered damage, of course they should provide support, and the government should prepare comprehensive support measures for the fishery industry.]

[Lee So-young / Spokesperson of the Minjoo Party of Korea: If the release is forced without sympathy from neighboring countries, it is clearly stated that we will review legislation banning imports of not only marine products near Fukushima but all Japanese seafood products.] Amidst this, the Seoul-Yangpyeong Expressway

route The Democratic Party’s suspicion that it was trying to give preferential treatment by changing the area to the area where the land of the first lady Kim Kun-hee’s family is located has spread to the political sphere.

Reporter Cho Seong-ho will deliver the related information.

This is Gangsang-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do.

This is the area where the terminus of the Seoul-Yangpyeong Expressway connecting Gamil-dong, Hanam-si and Yangpyeong-gun will be built.

The end point of the expressway, which aims to open in 2031, was Yangseo-myeon with ‘Dumulmeori’ when it passed the preliminary feasibility study two years ago.

However, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport documents released last month contained information that it had been changed to Gangsang-myeon.

Some members of the Democratic Party raised suspicions of preferential treatment, citing the fact that Mrs. Kim Kun-hee and her family owned 20,000 square meters of land, the size of 12 parcels and 3 soccer fields.

After the inauguration of President Yoon, Yangpyeong-gun was changed to the ruling party, and the background of the route change is suspected.

[Anchor Lead]
When the controversy arose, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Won Hee-ryong explained that the suspicion was different from the facts and ordered a full review to avoid misunderstandings.

People’s strength also criticized Minister Won for continuing an outrageous political offensive even though Minister Won had sufficiently explained it.

[Yoon Jae-ok / Representative of the People’s Power: (Won Hee-ryong) If the minister’s explanation is not enough, you just have to explain it additionally. // I don’t think it’s appropriate to continue the political offensive with content that is not true.]

People’s Power also posted this remark with former Democratic Party representative Lee Hae-chan, who claimed that the highway route was changed to give preferential treatment to the family of First Lady Kim Gun-hee. I decided to sue the YouTube channel operator.

Earlier, the explanation of the power of the people is that former CEO Lee raised related suspicions at a party member event last month, and then this remark was broadcast on a number of YouTube channels.

While the ruling party actively responded, the Democratic Party raised the level of the offensive, such as organizing an organization to find out the truth, calling it a ‘highway gate’ and a ‘in-law cartel’.

[Park Seong-jun / Spokesperson of the Democratic Party of Korea: President Seok-yeol Yoon’s wife’s cartel is resurfacing. // We need to investigate whether there was a request or pressure for the route change, and we need to clarify the time and reason for the route change.] The opposition parties are fighting over the change in the route plan after passing the preliminary feasibility study in the National Assembly Standing Committee

. this happened

Let’s go to the equipment committee site yesterday.

[Seo Young-gyo / Member of the Democratic Party of Korea (National Assembly Planning and Finance Committee): The preliminary examination is over, but the route has changed, so there must be land for the family of the president there. What is this? The whole world is going to go crazy.]

[Kim Sang-hoon / Member of the People’s Power (National Assembly Planning and Finance Committee): It is not uncommon for the project cost to change after the preliminary estimate, such as when the change reflects the needs of the local government or residents.

] Initiating a tax investigation at this large academy was also on the cutting board.

The opposition party criticized that the target investigation began with a word from President Yoon, who ordered the eradication of the private education cartel, and the ruling party opposed it, saying that the academy was originally a target of tax evasion.

[Ko Yong-jin / Member of the Democratic Party of Korea (National Assembly Equipment Committee): In response to the president’s impromptu remark, the National Tax Service is now taking down private education companies and other instructors. ?]

[Park Loan / Member of the Power of the People (National Assembly Equipment Committee): Tax investigations on high-priced academy teachers have been conducted every year like this? Why do you say the only thing we do this year is political research? [Changi Kim / Director of the National Tax Service: When suspicion of evasion is confirmed, it

is enforced mechanically in accordance with the requirements and procedures under the Framework Act on National Taxes.]

In this way, the relationship between the government, the ruling party, and the opposition party In the midst of intensifying confrontation, Lee Nak-yeon, former leader of the Democratic Party, said bitterly that the role of the Democratic Party did not meet the expectations of the people.

Yesterday’s move drew attention.

Let’s go to the scene.

Former CEO Lee Nak-yeon visited Bongha Village in Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, paid his respects at the tomb of former President Roh Moo-hyun, and chatted with First Lady Kwon Yang-sook.

Lee shed tears in front of the rock where former President Roh was buried.

Lee then went to Pyeongsan Village in Yangsan, South Gyeongsang Province토토사이트, and had dinner with former President Moon Jae-in.

It’s been a long time since I saw you and I can see you waving to your supporters.

He told the story behind former CEO Lee and former President Moon, saying, “I had several talks, including concerns about the country and the Democratic Party.”

It is said that at dinner, they shared 5 bottles of makgeolli.

After returning from the United States, Lee emphasized that the spirit of Kim Dae-jung is the starting point of his politics while visiting the tomb of former President Kim Dae-jung.

He went on to point out that the Democratic Party must gain public trust by finding Honam, the political base.

There was also a view that it was a three-party rally, but there are also voices that expect a role for party harmony.

Then, when will former CEO Lee Jae-myung meet? Could it be that the meeting is being delayed because the two sides are fighting each other? Let’s listen to the former president’s answer.

[Lee Nak-yeon / Former Democratic Party representative: You will be adjusting the schedule. There is no tug-of-war that politicians talk about. We said hello from the beginning and then we talked about seeing each other… .]

It is known that President Seok-Yeol Yoon will appoint his former Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism In-Chon Yoo as Special Advisor for Culture.

Former Minister Yoo worked as an actor and director before serving as the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism during the Lee Myung-bak administration.

Former President Lee also watched the play “Faust” starring former Minister Yoo in April.

An official from the presidential office said that former Minister Yoo had served as an advisor in the field of culture and arts policy, and that he would act as a special advisor in the future.

Until now, it was a political briefing.

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