Putin got down on his knees and promised 71.3 billion… 8-year-old girl invited to the Kremlin

President Vladimir Putin, who was evaluated as having suffered a ‘mortal wound’ to his ruling power after the armed rebellion of the Wagner group of Russian mercenaries, is starting to ‘make an image’ through active propaganda.

According to British Sky News on the 4th (local time), President Putin메이저놀이터 invited 8-year-old Raisat Akipova and her parents to the Kremlin.

According to reports, when President Putin visited Derbent in the Autonomous Republic of Dagestan on the 28th of last month, he belatedly saw a photo of Raisat shedding tears because he couldn’t meet him, and he invited him to the palace.

In a video released by the Kremlin, Putin smiled and presented a bouquet of flowers to Raisat and his mother. He then called Finance Minister Anton Siluanov and had him talk to Raisat, asking for additional budget support for his hometown of Dagestan.

Minister Siluanov did not respond to the girl’s greeting as if he was taken aback when he first received the call, but after hearing the explanation, he agreed to the budget support.

President Putin promised Raisat, “I will provide 5 billion rubles (about 71.3 billion won) for Dagestan.”

Sky News said, “All these scenes appear to be designed to show that Putin is caring, thoughtful and in control.”

President Putin left Moscow on the 28th of last month, four days after Yevgeny Prigozhin stopped the rebellion, and visited Derbent, the Autonomous Republic of Dagestan.He shook hands with the cheering crowd, took a ‘selfie’ with them, and hugged the children. An analysis came out that it was to show off that he is still receiving strong support from the public for his unusual move.

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