“Lee Sun-kyun often came to entertainment establishments… Something bigger could happen” Business official gives shocking testimony

 An official testified that actor Lee Sun-gyun (48), who is suspected of drug use, frequently visited entertainment establishments.

On the 23rd, JTBC Newsroom released an interview with an official at an entertainment establishment known to be the place where Lee Sun-gyun took drugs.

An official claimed, “I really don’t know what he did at the previous store, but it is true that (Lee Sun-kyun) often came to the previous store.” The official then explained that VIPs are coming secretly and that other charges could arise . He added, “Usually no one comes. I don’t know what’s going on in the room스포츠토토, but something bigger could happen.”

On this day, the Incheon Police Agency’s drug crime investigation unit booked Lee Seon-gyun on charges of marijuana and other charges under the Narcotics Management Act. As a result, Seon-gyun Lee was converted from an investigator (internal investigator) before being booked to a suspect subject to formal investigation.

The police also arrested A (29, female), the manager of an entertainment establishment in Gangnam, Seoul, on suspicion of psychotropic drugs under the Narcotic Drugs Control Act, and booked without detention a female employee in her 20s who worked at the same entertainment establishment.

Seon-gyun Lee has been accused of taking drugs, including marijuana, on several occasions at her home in Seoul since January of this year. The police are investigating that Lee Seon-gyun may have used various types of drugs, not just marijuana.

Meanwhile, Lee Seon-gyun’s side filed a complaint against her, claiming that A had threatened her and extorted hundreds of millions of won in connection with her drug case.

It is reported that Ms. A made about 10 phone calls with Lee Seon-kyun this year, and her damages are said to be 350 million won.

However, lawyer Seon-gyun Lee said, “First of all, we filed a complaint naming two people as defendants, but we don’t know if there are one or two people,” and she said, “The amount of damage is hundreds of millions of won, and she did not spend a specific amount.”

The Incheon District Prosecutors’ Office Drug Crime Special Investigation Team (Chief Prosecutor Lee Young-chang) transferred the blackmail case filed by Lee Seon-kyun against Mr. A to the Incheon Police Agency on this day.

Regarding this, a prosecutor’s official explained, “We transferred the case because we judged it would be better to investigate it together with the police who were investigating a related (drug) case.”

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